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How to Play Teen Patti game at Indibet
How to Play Teen Patti game at Indibet


How to Play Teen Patti game at Indibet

Teen Patti is a thrilling card game that provides you with huge winning opportunities. This game is now available at Indibet, which is a popular online casino developed for India. You can enjoy the Teen Patti game at Indibet either on your browser or smart device.

Play Teen Patti Game at Indibet:

For playing this game at Indibet, you can first register here.

Minimum three and maximum six players are allowed to play the game. It uses a standard 52 card deck but without the Jokers. Before the cards are dealt with first hand, make sure to pay the entry fee. The same should be decided and collected from every active player. It is the boot amount that represents the opening bet or you can say the minimum pot amount placed at the centre of the table, which the winner collects after the game finishes. This pot will develop until the hand is won by any of the players. Subsequently, a new hand starts and the boot amount is collected from every player. Moreover, the pot continues to grow till the finish of that hand.

After the beginning of the Teen Patti game, the opening bet is made and every player has paid the boot amount in the pot, each of them will be handed three cards. All these cards are dealt face down. The player besides the dealer, shifting in a clockwise direction, should now decide whether to bet without seeing their cards or want to see their cards. If they opt to see their cards then they can play a “chaal” and several other options, based on the game. The blind players are the ones who decide to place their bet without seeing their cards. The seen players are the ones who want to see their cards before placing their bet.

For blind playing your hand, make sure to bet an amount equivalent to the stake presently played or double that existing stake. This particular stake is the boot amount every player has played before the cards were transacted for the hand. Hence, if you are a blind player then you should not observe your cards and select your bet amount based on the existing boot amount or after doubling it.

Keep in mind that in this Teen Patti game, you would only see cards when there is just one other opponent who continues to bet in the hand. After this, a blind player might ask for a show. In this context, the show implies that cards of both players are seen. The player who has the highest hand wins that pot amount.

For seen players, they are allowed to watch their cards before playing a bet. After they have seen their cards, they should play “chaal.” For playing “chaal,” you should place your bet in the pot, identically a blind player does. But the stake amount differs. Keep in mind that blind players should play a minimum boot amount set before dealing the hand. Alternatively, they can play twice the boot amount. Also, seen players should have twice or four times the boot amount residual in the game.

If the particular player played as a seen player before, then the bet amount is half that of the previous player. Moreover, seen players might be requested for sideshow or back show. The same enables a seen player to judge their cards with the particular player who bet just before them. In this case, too, the movement is in a clockwise direction. You can request a Side Show when there are more than two players left in the hand. For requesting Side Show, make sure to bet twice the current stake inside the pot. Subsequently, your request is sent to the relevant player. The particular player can reject your request or approve it.

When the player approves your request, you will observe their current hand. You might not have good cards. In such cases, you should pack them or fold them. On the other hand, if your cards are better than that of other players you requested to watch, then they should pack. After a player packs, the turn shifts clockwise to the succeeding player. In case your sideshow request was rejected by the preceding player, then you are not allowed to see their cards. Consequently, the turn shifts to the succeeding player.

Keep in mind that when playing a Teen Patti game for the first time, you need o play on either a fixed or limited stake table. It implies that after the pot limit arrives, all players should display their cards, irrespective of the gameplay. The one who has the highest hand would win the pot. After you have enough chips to play, you can participate in no limit pot games.


Now you can enjoy hours of gameplay with the Teen Patti game at Indibet. The game seems more interesting once you start winning.

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