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Benefits of Playing Online Casino with MPO888
Benefits of Playing Online Casino with MPO888


How to Play Blackjack With Bitcoin?

Today, many countries not only ban land-based gambling establishments but also restrict access to online slot machines. In such cases, it will not be possible to place a bet even in a virtual institution, due to the existing prohibition at the legislative level to play for money. Considering that the cryptocurrency is not subordinated to any banks, and is not regulated by state organizations, there are no difficulties and problems with the law playing with it. In addition, it does not disclose information about the owner. This allows you to play various games without breaking the rules.

Benefits of Bitcoin Casino

Among the main advantages of such casinos are the following:

  • You can be sure of the RTP of the games. Thanks to blockchain technology, players can check the RTP on the games they choose. This system cannot be fooled, so it does not require regular checks by auditors.
  • Bitcoin casinos can work automatically. Unlike the usual online casino, in a cryptocurrency casino, you do not need to confirm each action manually. For example, players receive winnings in BTC blackjack automatically, since each operation is already in the blockchain and each winning is automatically linked to a smart contract. In simple terms, this means that the winner will receive his winnings. Blockchain technology works completely autonomously and does not allow outside interference.

Bitcoin Blackjack

Playing this game online with Bitcoin is essentially the same as playing in real life. The main difference is that the bets are made virtually. The goal of the game is to get closer to 21 points than the dealer with two or more cards or to score exactly 21 points. However, the sum should not exceed 21, so it is especially important to know and remember the meanings of individual cards.


The value of the cards in this game is the following:


  • Aces. They can be worth 1 or 11 points, depending on the context. The value of the ace is calculated in the most favourable order for the player.
  • 2-10. The number of points corresponds to the value indicated on the card.
  • Picture cards. Each counts as 10 points.


The best winning combinations are:


  • Triple seven. If a player scores 21 points by collecting three sevens, he wins in a ratio of 3:2, regardless of what the dealer has received.
  • Blackjack. 21 in the combination of the first two options — for example Ace and Ten or Ace and Picture — is the best result. If the player has it, he receives a 3:2 win.

How to Play Blackjack

Although there are different variations of the rules and types of bets, they all come down to essentially the same thing — get as close as possible to 21:


  • While the croupier shuffles the cards, the players place their bets.
  • Next, each player is dealt a card, which is placed face-up on the table. The dealer’s first card is also placed face up. The dealer’s second card is dealt face down, and the players are dealt both of their starting cards face up.
  • The player then decides whether he needs to draw a card to improve his hand or not.
  • After opening the second card, the dealer either stays or takes more, following the rules of the game.
  • Next comes the scoring and those players who score more than the dealer. If there is a draw, the players get their bets back.

Basic Strategy

A basic strategy will help you play this game in a casino correctly. It was developed 60 years ago and has not lost its relevance. The strategy is designed for long distances, so do not despair if it does not immediately bring the desired results. It reduces the casino’s chances of winning to 0.5%. With the help of numerous computer simulations, the probability of each situation at the special table was calculated, and a table was compiled from which one can say which decision is the best in a particular situation. It is easy to find this table on the Internet.


Playing blackjack does not seem difficult, but to increase the chances of winning, it is worth learning the basic strategy. After you decide on the casino and your favourite game option, you can safely bet for Bitcoin.


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