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How To Plan Drawer Storage Fit Outs For Your Workshop
How To Plan Drawer Storage Fit Outs For Your Workshop


How To Plan Drawer Storage Fit Outs For Your Workshop

Looking for a way to organise your tools, appliances and supplies that are strewn around your workshop? Does your workshop look like a junk shop and you often have to stop in the middle of working to search for a tool or accessory you need immediately?

Working in a workshop that is messy and disorganised can be frustrating and time-consuming. Getting a workshop organised with Storage Widnes lets you work on your projects without clutter.

If you’re planning a plastic drawer storage fit out for your workshop, here are some tips to get more storage space out of it.

Building drawer storage units and cabinets can solve a lot of storage problems. An easier way to not just store but organise tools, spare parts, components and accessories, storage drawers are the perfect choice at making full use of your available space, whether it is your workplace, office or home storage.

As tools and accessories come in different shapes, sizes and irregular surfaces, drawer storage units are the safest way to store all your parts conveniently in one place. To hold different components, storage units can be made in different designs and styles depending on the dimensions.

Few of the drawer storage fit outs available are free-standing units, portable drawers, plastic storage boxes with dividers, box stackable and wall-mounted, among others.

Types of drawer storage units

Free Standing Racks / Drawer Towers

Enter any office space, garage or workshop, and you’ll find free standing racks in use. Free standing racks are available in different widths and heights. Another advantage of using free standing units is that they come with transparent drawers allowing you to see what is inside each compartment. This quality makes it ideal for garages and workspaces as it is easy to find your tools.

Free standing racks have either a plastic or steel frame and are sturdy and low maintenance, perfect for almost any work environment.

Portable drawer storage

As the name suggests, portable drawer storage can be moved from one location to another. These lightweight drawer units are fixed with castors to easily move them. This storage unit is ideal if you have multiple working spaces in your garage and you can easily take your tools and components to where ever they are needed.

Desk standing / Under desk drawer storage

If you want to utilise the space under your desk then an under desk drawer storage is the perfect choice. These units are lightweight and are handy as they are easily accessible. If your work is mostly done from a desktop or workbench, these storage units are ideal.

Tilt drawer storage

If you have tall units, then the ideal storage units are slide and tilt drawers. These drawers can be tilted and slid out on a rail to ensure the safe handling of drawers on the higher shelves.

Wall mounting storage

If your workspace has wall space then wall mounting storage units can work fine. Ideal for workshops, warehouses and factories, wall mounting storage units are sturdy and contain shelves and pull-out drawers. You can easily store all your stuff and keep your work area tidy and organised.

The key to making your workshop organised is using our range of high-quality drawer storage units. To take a look at our drawer storage fit outs, visit our website.

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