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How to Legally Work on the Internet
How to Legally Work on the Internet

Tech Updates

How to Legally Work on the Internet


The advent of the internet allowed us to communicate and share resources much easier, faster, and safer than ever before. Many jobs have been all but eradicated because of simplicity, effectivity, and affordability that digital solutions offered in return.

Global lockdown ushered by the COVID-19 pandemic forced hundreds of thousands of people to seek out new work opportunities online. Is there enough room in the cyber world for all of us? Let’s take a look at some options for part-time and full-time employment online.

Freelance platforms

Places like UpWork, Fiverr, and other freelance platforms allow us to put our skills to work by reaching out to employers that need a hand with short and long-term projects. Whether you’re good at writing, photo manipulation, music, video editing, or data research there are ample work opportunities. All one has to do is create an account and start looking for a job. Freelance platforms guarantee payments and also make sure all job posts display legal work opportunities.


It takes a lot of work to gather at least 1000 subscribers and have them watch 4000 hours of your work per year, but that’s what it takes to make money on YouTube.

Affiliate marketing

Online retail companies are always looking for a way to expand their market influence and they are more than willing to share a part of their profit with anyone who can help them in that effort. Affiliate programs allow us to share links to certain products and get paid every time a person clicks on that link and makes a purchase.

You could use social media or create your website where you could post product reviews that include affiliate links. Some of the most lucrative opportunities for this type of work are offered by Amazon or affiliate networks such as Rakuten and ShareASale.


Creating your blog is nowadays easier than ever thanks to platforms like WordPress, Wix, and other CMS solutions that let you build a website without any programming skills. You could create an AdSense account and earn money with every new visit to your content. Bloggers often partner with brands and promote their products for a flat rate or a share of the profit. Combining Blogging with Affiliate marketing gives you even more chances to make a living online.

Online trade

Online trade is one of the oldest online job opportunities with the highest chances for a large profit. However, in trade, there’s always a chance to lose some of your investments so take every opportunity for revenue with a pinch of salt.It takes some time to get the hang of market flow and come up with an optimal investment strategy.

The Crypto market is currently at its peak because it offers the chance for the highest revenue with a single trade.


If you’re a native or fluent English speaker, the online environment gives you a chance to financialize your knowledge by teaching English to foreigners.Some ESL networks won’t ask for a degree in the English language, but you still have to go through a series of tests to be accepted and start earning, said Lisa O. from Mimy Online.


These were some of the most profitable and easiest ways to earn money on the internet legally and without concern for the security of your payment. Some of them require a specialized set of skills, while others allow you to make a profit using nothing but your creativity. What’s even more important, most of the options on this list involve no starting investment.

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