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How to increase YouTube views: 6 tricks tested for 2021

Do you want to know how to get many views on YouTube? Are you looking for ways to increase the popularity of your videos and channel? You are in the right place!

Increasing YouTube views is not only important for your self-esteem… the number of views you receive is in fact a measure of how much the audience is appreciating your videos, and your earnings on this platform also depend on it.

In this article, we will discover how to increase YouTube views thanks to some advanced tricks, techniques, and tools that will allow you to greatly improve your image and online visibility. Are you ready? Let’s begin!

How to increase YouTube views: 6 tricks

Let’s see below the techniques and possibilities most used by content creators and social media managers to quickly increase the YouTube views of their videos. Some of them are completely legitimate, while others are a little more controversial or complicated to implement …

Whether you start from scratch or apply comfortable smart techniques (like buy YouTube comments), you are likely to witness fruitful results when done right, using the right tactics. The first method to start from scratch is a long way to get outputs while the latter is an option that drives results fast.

1. Create a community around your videos

The first method to increase YouTube views is perhaps the most obvious one, but also the most effective in the long term and the most used by established and successful channels: always create quality videos and publish them consistently.

When a Youtuber starts a channel from scratch, to be able to emerge, at least for the first six months he must churn out a video a week. This leads to the creation of a solid community of subscribers around his channel, who eagerly await the release of the new video, almost as if it were a fixed and automatic appointment.

If you are interested in getting serious about YouTube and you want to discover all the secrets on how to increase views, create a community, grow your channel and monetize it, I suggest you take a look at YouTube Start, the intensive course that will allow you to have a 360 ° success on this platform.

2. Increase YouTube views with SEO and trends

The second method to increase views on YouTube is to start paying more attention to SEO (search engine optimization), an aspect that you may not have given the right importance to until now.

YouTube should be considered to all intents and purposes as a real search engine. The videos you publish today remain online forever, and a user could find them even in several years, by entering a certain keyword in the search bar of Google or YouTube.

As you may have already guessed by then, the secret to increasing YouTube views is to choose the right topics for your videos (the ones that are most sought after by users) and make sure that they rank first in the search results, first. than those of other Youtubers. But how to do it?

To succeed, you’ll need to use TubeBuddy, a fantastic browser extension that offers SEO analysis and optimization tools, and searches for the most popular trends at any given moment on YouTube.

TubeBuddy allows you to identify the hottest topics on YouTube, and to optimize titles, tags, and descriptions in order to place your videos at the top of the search results for certain keywords. Thanks to these simple tricks you will be able to increase the views on YouTube exponentially!

But the functions offered by TubeBuddy do not end there: thanks to this software you can also increase your productivity, automate some repetitive tasks and automatically choose the best time to publish your videos.

3. Sites to increase YouTube views

Another practice to increase the YouTube views of your channel, increasingly adopted in recent times by emerging Youtubers, is to buy views through sites specialized in this type of service.

In fact, there are many sites that offer the possibility to buy international or even Italian views to give an initial boost to their videos (the origin of the views depends on the specific package you are going to buy).

The procedure to increase YouTube views thanks to these sites is very simple: just choose the number of views you want to receive, the geographic targeting, indicate the URL of your video, and proceed with the payment.

4. Boost YouTube views with a bot

Another possibility to increase YouTube views is to use bots like TubeAssist Pro. These are software that allows you to automatically interact with other YouTube users, in order to increase your exposure and receive in return more views, likes, comments, and subscribers for your channel.

For example, with TubeAssist Pro you can automatically find new users potentially interested in your content, send private messages, like, comment, interact with live broadcasts, follow, subscribe to a channel, and much more.

If this option doesn’t seem feasible to you, you may lookout for an option that is to buy YouTube likes from a reliable source and accelerate your journey for attracting more and more traffic and viewers to your YouTube channel and videos, thus, establishing higher engagement. 

5. Use YouTube advertising

In fifth place on this list of tricks to increase YouTube views is to use advertising. Having a good advertising strategy behind it will help you grow your channel, get tons of views, and also reach potential customers to sell your products or services to.

The so-called YouTube Ads are made available by the same platform as YouTube and are a very effective way to reach a specific target of users, and to make them perform a very specific action (for example subscribe to your channel, or buy your own product).

6. Increase YouTube views with collaborations

Another way to increase YouTube views is to organize collaborations with other content creators. This method is used by many YouTubers: both emerging ones and those who have already made the history of the Red Platform in Italy.

Let’s say your channel deals with topics related to women’s fashion or make-up. Of course, organizing collaboration with a colleague of yours who publishes videos for the same niche but using a slightly different style from yours will get all her subscribers to at least take a look at one of your videos.

In the best case, if the collaboration is done effectively, both of you could get an immediate boost in views and subscribers to their respective YouTube channels.

The location for this collaboration can be shared (your studio or room), or you can make a montage of several clips recorded at different times. The ideal would be to be able to create at least two video content: one for your channel, and one for his, so both of you will have something to show to your community.

  • Is it possible to increase YouTube views for free?
  • Is there any way to increase YouTube views for free?

It is legitimate to ask this question, especially when there is a lack of financial means because perhaps one is very young. There are apps and sites that allow you to get free views, but these views are of low quality and often come from fake profiles, so they could be removed from the YouTube algorithm at a later time.

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