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Buying A Display Home In Sydney
Buying A Display Home In Sydney

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How To Improve Security In Common Areas Of The Building?

The common areas are a space for socializing and entertainment for the residents of the condominium, so they must always be safe so that no accidents occur. In this post, we separate tips on improving security in common areas of the building.

Training For Employees

One of the liquidator’s main functions is to ensure all residents’ safety. Therefore, seeking the best safety training for condominium employees such as knowing the types of fire alarm systems is essential. The trustee must comply with the internal regulation on places where children’s activities may take place and those where children’s access is prohibited and, if there is no regulation in this regard, bring the amendment to the Internal Regulations to the Assembly to ensure a clear and that guarantees security. If any rule is not complied with, he must notify the owner that there will be a notification, warning, or fine. Another tip is for the manager to set up a supervision schedule for the areas so that employees can assist in the proper functioning and thus avoid accidents.

Establish procedures and rules of use

Establishing procedures that minimize situations that put residents and employees at risk is essential. Security procedures must be set up and passed on to those who frequent the condominium. It is essential that the liquidator maintains all common areas with items to fight fire with maintenance and tests up to date, well-signaling emergency exits, and placing non-slip floors in dangerous areas, such as gym, swimming pool, playground, among others. It is essential that both residents and staff are aware of how to use the equipment in an emergency and that the Assembly approves the rules.

Keep Building Maintenance Up To Date

In places such as a gym, playground, or swimming pool, it is essential to pay extra attention and always check that these environments are up to date with maintenance. In the gym, it is necessary to see if the non-slip floor is very worn and if all the equipment is working well, for example. In the playground, the same procedure must be followed for toys, as it is very easy for children to break some fun object. Checking these areas frequently is ideal.

Invest In Technology In The Building

To keep places safer, invest in the best technologies on the market. Solutions that automate the management of common areas are an idea to avoid non-compliance with regulations and facilitate the day-to-day of employees. An example is security systems with sensors that detect the presence of people in unauthorized places or biometrics at the entrances to leisure areas to control the entry of only authorized people.

Establish Security Protocols During The Pandemic

After the reopening of the common areas of the condominiums, security protocols became even stricter. The main rule that must be complied with by all residents and employees is the use of a mask in common areas and the availability of gel alcohol. In addition, the social distance of 2 meters per person must be respected, and the hygiene of the environment must also be more intense.

One option to organize access to common areas is to impose opening hours and request that residents book the space in advance to avoid sharing it with others. Some companies have a specific department to assist the landlord in using the application, parameterizing the reservations of leisure spaces in the way the building needs, from the full use of the space to the use of just a gymnastics mat.

It is essential to keep the building safe so everyone can enjoy it without problems. Therefore, look for the market’s best training and safety equipment. They always work with the security of their condominiums in mind and invest in the latest technologies on the market.

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