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How to get registered in KBC
How to get registered in KBC


How to get registered in KBC? 2021

KBC debuted on July 3rd, 2000 and India legendary actor, producer, host, and former politician Amitabh Bachchan hosted it. It was his first show that he hosted. The official KBC website provides information about the show and its timings. It also enables people to contact them if they want. KBC is a show that gives the chance to win 7 Crore Indian Rupees to the participants. The show was based on a quiz about general knowledge and national and international facts. The show did very well in its first debut.

The prize money for this show is huge. KBC has a mission that it wants to remove poverty from the lands of India. We are trying our best to support the country financially. KBC is a Lottery Game show which lies in the category of reality games show which means it’s not a scam. Many people are using KBC’s popularity for scamming people. But KBC is doing its best to protect its customer from such experiences.

Kaun Banega Crorepati Registration

The registration for the reality tv show “KAUN BANEGA CROREPATI” 2021 is now open. Register yourself in the show and get a chance to win 7 corers and be the lucky winner. All the information required to get register is available on the KBC official website. There is the only official website of KBC, you can get help from them the WhatsApp number is also available their feel free to visit. As some fake websites and numbers make fool out of innocent using the name of KBC don’t fell to their hand and visit the Offical website of KBC.

To get registered for the show there are two ways, which are:

  1. By website:

KBC has its official website where all information about the show is present, like the timing of the show, registration process, and customer help. Note that many frauds claim to be part of KBC but there is only one official website of KBC. A website has been launched as KBC Official Website ( to overcome or to stop fraud and scams. This website can be used to check lottery online, KBC Lottery winners list, KBC Official helpline numbers, and KBC Official WhatsApp Lottery winners list. KBC is providing you a secure and authentic way to play and win.

  1. By SMS:

On the official website of KBC, the number is also provided that can be used to get registered. People can get further information about the process by the customer service of KBC.

Kbc head office whatsapp no:


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