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Are handmade Instagram accounts still relevant
Are handmade Instagram accounts still relevant

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How to get more likes on Instagram 

Instagram has become one of the most interactive social media platforms out there with over 700 million active users registered worldwide. There are several ways to interact with your followers on Instagram, perhaps one that has gained sufficient traction over the years remains through Instagram likes. Growing your Instagram likes and followers attracts more engagements to your page and further helps you build a more concrete reputation for your brand.

However, garnering likes on your posts on Instagram is never easy. How can one achieve this? Here are some tips that will get you noticeable growth in no time.

Post images with high quality 

The necessity of posting high-quality images can not be overstated. These high-quality pictures present your brand in the best light and return, they help you get more likes. Blurry, dark, pixilated, and grainy pictures will seem like a lack of effort to your followers and give your page a bad look. To remedy this, you can utilize Instagram’s photo editing software. However, ensure you use it moderately.

Write engaging and interesting captions 

A great caption might just be the reason why an Instagram user likes your post. You must ensure to not take captions lightly. Make sure your caption engages the viewer and provides value in some sense. You could also introduce some humor or add subtle puzzling statements. In general, the aim is to provide good emotions of nostalgia, humor, or inspiration to your viewers.

Ensure you avoid single sentence captions or captions made up of just one word. Extremely corny captions may not do you any favors either.

Use a Call-To-Action

This step should be included subtly and should be kept simple. You do not want to make it too demanding or complicated. You could simply say “Like and comment on this post if you agree” or “For more details, click the link in my bio”. You must ensure your call to action is clear, short, and precise.

Additionally, to make your Instagram likes grow even faster you can use the sevices of for instagram likes.

Study your audience 

You may have already guessed this step. Knowing your audience is very important. This is the first step in deciding what kind of content to continually post on your page. You must tailor the content on your page to suit the kind of audience available to you, or the kind you want to attract. Stick to the niche you have chosen, learn how to scrape instagram data and ensure that you consistently feed your audience with quality content.

Include a geo-location in your posts

Including geolocation in each of your posts will enable you to be easily discoverable by your followers. Ensure adding geolocation is the first thing you do when you want to make a post. This location could also be one that will pique your followers’ interest.

Like and comment daily

The last step to growing the number of likes and comments on your page is simply giving the same gesture. Showing support to other people’s pages and the content will elicit a similar show of support and you may perhaps gain new followers in the process. Engaging with other accounts will help you seem more interactive and fun to other users causing them to check out your page for more insights into your brand.

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