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About Soccer ball

Soccer was first played in 1863. It has become one of the most popular games since then. This game is played in 200 hundred countries by more than two fifty million people. Moreover, the championship games are watched by millions of soccer fans.

The soccer ball that is used today was introduced in 1962. This black and white soccer ball consists of a checkerboard pattern that has 32 hexagonal and pentagonal panels that are known as truncated icosahedron patterns.

Types of soccer balls

These balls are designed as per the requirement of the matches. The bigger the match the more professional ball is made according to that. Several types of soccer balls can be further categorized by the following types here

Indoor soccer balls

These balls comprise a felt type outside covering which is similar to the material of the tennis ball. The size of an indoor soccer ball is similar to the size of an outdoor soccer ball.

Promotional balls

These balls are typically made to promote any brand, event, or organization. These balls are usually smaller in size because they are not intended to be used in a match.

Futsal soccer balls

The major difference between the traditional soccer ball and the futsal soccer ball is that it has foam inside which makes it less bouncy on hard surface fields.

Step by step guide to drawing a soccer ball

For drawing a soccer ball, you’ll first need a pen or pencil and a piece of paper to draw on. A good eraser will also be required along with a ruler, colored pencils, and markers. By following the steps mentioned below, you’ll be able to draw a perfect soccer ball.

  1. Start with drawing two straight lines first. For that, you’ll require a good and even edged ruler.
  2. Secondly, you’ll need to draw a circle around the straight lines.
  3. Thirdly, draw a small rectangle in the upper right quadrant. This rectangle will aid you to measure the distances in the following step.
  4. Afterward, draw two short lines that are straight and perpendicular along each of the four lines. These lines will guide you throughout the drawing.
  5. Now, the rectangle is supposed to be erased. Stretch the guideline from where its top had been stretched. Also, stretch the corresponding guideline which is at the bottom half of the figure.
  6. Then with the help of four straight lines joining the tip of the formerly stretched lines to the inner guidelines towards the center horizontal line resulting in forming a hexagon. Now, remove the guidelines.
  7. Now, draw an “X” with the help of two straight, long lines through the center of the drawing.
  8. Stretch a straight, short line diagonally downward from the right and left sides of the hexagon.
  9. Now add some more hexagons and pentagons to form a pattern of a soccer ball. Connect the top of the “X” above the central hexagon. Towards the left side of the shape, take the aid of the extended lines and three straight lines to draw a hexagon. Below this shape, form two straight lines to draw a pentagon.
  • Continue the same step at the right side of the figure too.
  • Now draw two straight lines to form the pentagon at the bottom of the drawing. Remove the vertical guideline.
  • Now, draw eight small lines that stretch the pattern towards the sides of the ball.
  • Remove the horizontal guideline and central “X” line.
  • Time to shade the ball and you are ready to go!


So in this article, we have discussed the history of the soccer ball when it was introduced and its types which distinguish each ball from the other. Also, we have discussed some steps to draw the soccer ball.


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