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How to choose the perfect wingback beds for your bedroom
How to choose the perfect wingback beds for your bedroom

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How to choose the perfect wingback beds for your bedroom

The wingback bed is the main piece of furniture in the bedroom, around it the rest of the furniture and decoration are structured. In it we spend almost half of our lives and it offers us rest and pleasure. It is therefore convenient to dedicate a little attention to it when we are going to renew our wingback beds or mattress. If you want to get your choice right, today I propose some tips that will help you choose the perfect bed for your bedroom.

Bed types

In order to decide what type of bed is the most suitable for you, you should first know what type of wingback beds exist beyond the basic base with legs. These options are generally suitable for both single and double beds and in some cases for “queen size” and “king size”.

Wingback bed on the floor

We will start with the simplest and one that has more and more followers. Having the wingback bed at ground level is beginning to be a trend at a practical and aesthetic level (we have it on the ground because we co-sleep and so we can go up and down without any risk). This category does not have much explanation, it consists of placing the mattress directly on the floor or on a low bed frame; there are more and more options and models of low wingback beds in decoration stores and mattress outlet stores. In the case of the Montessori rooms, the bed at ground level is one of the tips that this pedagogy invites us to follow to give children independence.

Choosing this type of bed is due to decorative reasons or specific circumstances, such as those I have mentioned, but they have a major drawback and that is that they do not provide extra storage space.

Wingback bed base with legs

Going up one level, the simplest and most classic wingback bed model is the base with legs. The type of mattress to choose depends on the type of mattress, as we have talked on several occasions in the blog, the internal characteristics of each mattress require a specific type of support, and whether it is a slatted, flat, perforated mattress … this information is provided to you. Will indicate the professionals of the mattress stores.

This type of bed allows us to use the lower space to store boxes, shoes … In general, the space under the bed base is always useful, especially in small houses, although things are usually visible.


The most popular option is inexpensive folding couches. The canapé is a structure that allows you to place the mattress on top of the bed base and use the lower space as a closed storage space. By raising the mattress, one or more rooms appear that we can take advantage of to store sheets, blankets … and keep them free of dust and out of sight. Aesthetically it is much more decorative than the base with legs. There are couches for single and double beds.

Trundle beds

The trundle beds are beds that have a structure that takes advantage of the lower part of the mattress to store another extra bed. Today’s trundle beds can also be found with separate drawers and storage space. These types of beds are not exclusive to single beds, there are also double beds with trundle beds underneath, although it is true that they are mainly used for children’s rooms.

Bunk beds and combinations

And to finish the types of bed we will talk about the bunk beds in all their combinations. A bunk bed with two single beds quickly comes to mind, but there are combinations of double mattresses and single mattresses to solve all kinds of needs. The bunk beds also keep the storage space under the bed frame below or even have structures that combine other types of furniture.

Analyzing your needs

Now that you know the most popular types of beds on the market, you can begin to reflect on your specific needs to find out which bed is the one that best suits your needs. I will leave you with some key questions that can help guide this decision.

Number of sleepers

One of the first questions we must ask ourselves before buying a new bed is to know who will sleep in it. That is, how many people. One, two, will it be a bed to collect? This will first determine the size of the bed that will be required as well as whether it will be a double, single, trundle or bunk bed.


Beyond the number of people, one of the issues that most mark the decision of one type of bed or another is the storage space we have. In small houses where space is scarce, the best option will undoubtedly be a sofa. In large houses, where other factors such as decoration prevail, the option of choosing to have a bed at the ground level appropriate to the decorative style that we have chosen can be valued.

Available space

Another quite important issue to take into account is the space available in the bedroom to place the bed. There are structures that are aesthetically very beautiful but can be cumbersome, as is the case with trundle beds.  If your bedroom is not too wide, the base with legs or the sofa are the most suitable options. If the bedroom is very spacious, you can choose any option without fear.


The budget is always a key factor to consider. The cheapest option is undoubtedly the mattress at ground level without any type of structure, then the base with legs, the sofa, etc. … although there are outlets and offers where we can find real opportunities, be clear about the budget and how far we can Getting there is important to assess the options you can afford.

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