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How to Choose the Best Pneumatic Impact Wrench
How to Choose the Best Pneumatic Impact Wrench

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How to Choose the Best Pneumatic Impact Wrench – Buying Guide

The pneumatic impact wrenches are available in almost every shop but what matters is choosing the best one. It can be a difficult task looking for the best one in so many models and types. You don’t have to think a lot before buying one when you have this article right in front of you. We will be helping you to choose the best one for you.

First of all, you need to know about the most important features an impact wrench has. The top 3 most important features include Torque, pressure, and airflow. Before buying a pneumatic impact wrench, you have to keep in mind that these 3 features support your wrench in the best way possible.

How Does it Work?

An impact wrench is just like your screwdrivers but more advanced and innovative. It can screw and unscrew screws very easily. It screws using a compressed air mechanism using an engine, anvil, a hammer, and a spring. It also works best in torque tightening situations and can be used to change your car’s tires or brake pads very easily. To tight the screws strongly, you will need a pneumatic impact wrench all the time with you.

Buying Guide

How to Choose the Best Pneumatic Impact Wrench

Some of the points you definitely need to consider before buying a pneumatic impact wrench are as follows.

The tool’s weight

It is important to consider the weight of your wrench. If it’s too heavy to hold, it will be a total waste of your money. It’s better to get the one with lightweight so you can operate it easily.

The quality of the handle

The handle should have enough space to easily and conveniently hold your tool, so it does not hinder your performance.

A perfect torque

A perfect spiking torque is a must, or an impact wrench would be of no use. The torque should efficiently clamp/unclamp the objects.

Reservoir’s Volume

This determines the time of use of the tool. The wrench does not repressurize itself; therefore, it needs a reservoir volume of at least 50 liters.

Shock sockets

Always go for shock sockets as the nonshock sockets would break instantly.

Drive size

You need to consider the drive size, which totally depends on your work. A 1 to 2-inch drive size is enough for larger nuts, but they also may vary up to 3 inches. It all depends on what type of task you’re going to do.


How do pneumatic impact wrenches work?

The wrench stores energy in a rotational mass. While pulling the trigger, the motor inside the wrench starts to spin. A spring compresses the block, which rotates. After a certain point of rotation, the spring releases and creates a hammering effect.

What is the best pneumatic impact wrench?

AIRCAT 1150 killer torque is one of the best impact wrenches until now.

Can you use an impact wrench as a drill?

Yes, you can use an impact wrench as a drill. But if you want to drill holes, we would suggest you use an impact drill.


Above mentioned are the characteristics to be considered while buying a pneumatic impact wrench. One needs to be clear about the needs and then go for the purchase. We hope you find this article helpful and gets you the best pneumatic impact wrench of all time.

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