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How to Choose an Online Casino for Andar Bahar
How to Choose an Online Casino for Andar Bahar


How to Choose an Online Casino for Andar Bahar


Playing Andar Bahar is as easy as it gets but finding the right casino to play can be complicated, given the unprecedented options. This post will make finding the right casino to play the Andar Bahar game easier.

Online Andar Bahar is perhaps the best thing ever to happen to I-Gaming. It’s an online version of a traditional Indian card game that originated in Bangalore, Karnataka. The game enthrals, entertains, and rewards, making it one of the most popular games on the internet.

Your gaming experience is subject to the online casino you play at; from quality, variety, and fairness to payouts and withdrawals, everything depends on the online casino. When stakes are this high, let not the casino choose you. Instead, you select the casino wisely.

Here’re a few proven tips on how to find the right casino to play the Andar Bahar game:

Determine the legality:

The Indian i-gaming industry is a mixed bag. Most online casinos are legal, but some, merely a scam. When playing at an illicit casino, you might end up on the wrong side of the law. More importantly, your deposits and winnings aren’t safe, and the possibility of you being duped with rigged software also runs high. That calls for keeping at priority the legal status of the casino before signing up.

What’s the benchmark of a casino’s legality? It’s the licenses, of course. A legal casino operates from an offshore location with licenses from one of the top 8 international gaming jurisdictions. The casinos have to comply with certain regulations associated with fair gameplay, Return to Player (RTP) percentage, on-site security, and more to attain and retain the gaming licenses.

So, when you play Indian card games at a licensed and certified online casino, rest assured of a fine, secure, fair and rewarding gaming experience. To determine the legality, look for licenses and registration numbers on the casino’s website. If the info is not properly presented, it’s a red flag you cannot afford to ignore. Don’t take the information on the face value; cross-verify it, instead.

Know the RTP Percentage:

What drives you to Andar Bahar? Perhaps, it’s the earning potential of the game. Remember, your profits are subject to the RTP percentage that a given online casino offers. Standing for Return to Player, RTP represents your total payouts minus the casino’s commission. RTP varies from casino to casino, game version to game version, and, at times, bet to bet.

Figure out the RTP percentage before you play Andar Bahar online. You can stay profitable only if it’s anywhere around 92 to 95%. Where to look for the RTP figures? On the casino’s website, where else! Run-off-the-mill casinos often exaggerate the figures. So, you are better off determining whether the RTP is validated by an independent auditor.

Research the Software:

An online casino is nothing but software designed to carry out the game. From quality and fairness of the game to on-site security, graphics and user experience, it all depends on the software. That makes determining the software quality a key factor in your casino hunt.

Thankfully, you don’t need to be tech-savvy to figure out how good the software is. The hack here is to find out the software developer. Credible names like MICROGAMING, NETENT, and PLAYTECH offer quality software in line with the security and transparency standards. More importantly, it will not even be a factor if you are betting against the house. A few credible platforms enable the players to participate in Indian card games and wager against other players instead of the house.

Look for Bonuses:

Bonuses are the prime factor driving the growth of I-Gaming, alongside convenience, safety and privacy. Bonuses are free money you get when wagering online. Think welcome bonus, deposit match bonus, free spins, an all-paid trip, and loyalty bonus; they come in all shapes and sizes.

Virtually every virtual casino offers bonuses, but the bonus type and attached T&C may vary vastly. While playing at a gambling platform, it is critical to consider these factors and make an informed decision.

Ascertain the banking system:

When you play the Andar Bahar game, factoring in the banking system makes sense. You’d like to have your winnings transferred to your account quickly and hassle-freely, that’s why. Fly-by-night operators resort to stall practices or deny your winnings outright.

It’s advisable to take into account the casino’s payout and withdrawal policy. From how much time the casino takes to transfer money to the payment methods used, nothing should skip the radar. Also, research the currency accepted to ward off hefty currency conversion fees.

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