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How to Choose an International Solar Lighting Manufacturer
How to Choose an International Solar Lighting Manufacturer


How to Choose an International Solar Lighting Manufacturer

Technological advancement has seen man push beyond the levels of development seen in the past. This is also observable in the power and lighting industry. As we move forward technologically, one of the concerns of many is to find renewable sources of power that aren’t harmful to the environment and solar energy has been harnessed as one of such power sources.

Solar lighting is a big deal these days which is why there are so many solar lighting manufacturers in the industry today. Some of these manufacturers in the United States include Solar Street Lights, Oksolar, SolarOne, Greenshine, Sepco, etc. You can check Solar Lighting International to learn more about the products and services these manufacturers offer.

While these listed names are popular, it doesn’t mean you should just go for any of them without considering some important factors when choosing a manufacturer to help you with your next solar lighting project.

Therefore, in this article, we will guide you on how to choose a manufacturer that is just right for your next project.

Let’s get started…

1. Don’t be deceived by Fast and Cheap Solutions

As we said, solar lighting is a big deal nowadays; hence, the demand for these pieces of equipment is very high. The reasons for this high demand include the fact that it is conservable, renewable, and a cheaper alternative to regular power bills.

Like in most businesses, customers are always looking out for the best deals. By that, we mean deals that aren’t so expensive but will still provide the solution they look for at a fast rate. Manufacturers know this and they try to use this to their advantage.

Therefore, it is not strange to find these companies providing fast and cheap solutions. However, this shouldn’t deceive you into thinking that the company is reliable. Before you hire them, ensure that you stick with the requirement that you have in mind. Do not allow yourself to be swayed by any marketing strategy.

Furthermore, you must confirm that any supplied information received from the manufacture is genuine and authentic. Ensure that you confirm the authenticity of the company and its details so that you won’t be scammed in any way.

2. Check out the Company

You ought to carry out an online check of the company you intend to hire. After running through their websites, social media platforms, and online reviews, you need to take it a step further by visiting the physical production plant of the company.

Don’t think of this as overkill because solar lighting installation is a huge investment, and you can’t afford to throw your money down the drain by hiring a dubious or incompetent company.

Most companies allow their potential customers to visit the plant. If any company refuses this, then it is a major red light. Therefore, you shouldn’t hire such a company. However, if they allow the visit, then you can further ascertain their credibility and reliability.

During the tour, feel free to ask questions and also interact with the workers in the plant. Talking about the future project with the individuals who will carry out the job will convince you if they know what they are doing or not.

Check out the Company

3. Ask for Testimonials and Quality Certificates

The tour visit despite how important it is in determining the ability of the manufacturer might not paint the true picture of their operations. As a result, you need to find out more by asking them for recent testimonials of customers from previous projects. Visit to learn more about customer testimonials.

If they have several testimonials, it is a sign that they do a lot of business which is good. On the other hand, if they have just a handful of testimonials, then it means they don’t have such a large customer base. Nevertheless, that shouldn’t be the deciding factor; you need to still take a careful look at the presented testimonials.

In the testimonials, did the customers give satisfactory remarks about the quality of the services provided and the professionalism of how it is executed? If yes, then that’s another good sign. But we recommend that you still take it further.

You can ask them for the contacts of the clients who gave those testimonials. This will further help you to confirm that there is no foul play or forged testimonials involved. You can then call those customers to hear what they have to say and if they would hire the company for another project.

Another thing you need to ask for is a sample of their product. You should also ask them for quality certificates. Doing all this will ensure that you get a genuine and reliable manufacturer.

4. Verify Warranties

Another way to assess the company is to check the product’s warranty that you want to get. You must ask them to define in clear terms and even writing the warranty for such products. Click here to learn more about warranty. This will prevent them from shying away from any responsibility in case there is an issue with the product.

5. Customer Service

The company must be able to provide you with comprehensive customer service from the beginning of the project to its completion. They must always be reachable during working hours. Therefore, find out how their customer service operates.

6. What is the Selling Price?

There are different types of solar lighting products, and as such, their prices vary. The following are factors some manufacturers consider that determine the price they sell:

  • The area the lighting will cover
  • The type of product
  • The number of product unit
  • Installation of the lighting
  • Maintenance and repair if necessary

Therefore, you need to ask if they are only selling the product, or they will be responsible for installing it. Ask them whether the price covers future maintenance and repair. In most cases, the warranty should cover up future maintenance and repair within the stipulated warranty period.

We recommend that you contact more than one manufacturer and test all of them using the things we just discussed. This will allow you to choose the best manufacturer out of the potential candidates on your list.


While solar lighting is now sought after by many, choosing a reliable manufacturer is a problem many people face. However, if you have carefully read all that we have discussed above, we believe you won’t consider choosing an international solar lighting manufacturer a problem anymore.

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