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How to Choose a Timber Flooring Supplier
How to Choose a Timber Flooring Supplier


How to Choose a Timber Flooring Supplier

Hardwood floors are nothing but gorgeous. They’re easy to clean, low maintenance, and they last for a really, really long time. Most people buying a house want to do one of two things. They want to buy a house that has hardwood flooring in it or they want to buy a house and put hardwood flooring in it.

For this reason, hardwood floors add value to your home because it’s something buyers desperately want. Since they’re long-lasting, you won’t have to replace them like carpet. You can simply sand it down and refinish your flooring to give them new life.

If you’re buying a house, building a house, or renovating the one you already own, then putting in hardwood floors is a must. That being said, how do you purchase hardwood floors from a Timber Flooring | Top Timber Flooring Supplier and where should you be looking for them?

Well, there are a lot of places that sell hardwood floorings. Local hardware stores and other retailers are a great place to start your search. There are lots of different retailers who sell hardwood flooring options but what’s set each one apart and how do you choose the right one?

Look for sales

Retailers, depending on the time of year, holiday, etc. will have certain promotions and sales on their products. Timber flooring supplies can provide the same kinds of deals. Maybe they have discounts on the type of flooring you’re looking for or they have discounts on how many square feet of timber you purchase in one transaction. Whatever the case may be, since hardwood flooring can be expensive, it’s best to purchase during a sale.

Check out their stock

No one likes to go shopping for something and discover they only have a few options to choose from. Pick a store that gives you a wide range of colors, styles, and wood types. Don’t choose a company that only has a handful of options to choose from. Pick one that has dozens of hardwood flooring styles to choose from.

That being said, make sure the wood you plan on purchasing is of quality. Make sure you’re buying from a supplier that buys the best timber they can get their hands on. A lot of places will purchase low-quality timber in order to save money and while that’s great for them, it’s not so great for you.

Low-quality timber doesn’t look as nice or last as long. When you’re buying hardwood flooring you want longevity so choosing high-quality hardwood will ensure you’re buying a product that will last.

Make sure they’re knowledgeable

Believe it or not, choosing a hardwood floor for your home is more complicated than “that one looks nice.” I know. I didn’t realize that either.

There are dozens of different kinds of hardwood flooring and finishes to choose from and each one has there own benefits and cons to consider. Employees at the company should be able to help you choose the best one for your home and lifestyle. They should know which hardwood is the best for stains or which one is the most scratch-resistant. And if they don’t you should go somewhere else. You want to be guided in the right direction when you make your decision, not the wrong one.

For more information about hardwood flooring and your options, click here.

Check out the company’s reputation

Make sure you’re dealing with a supplier that has a good reputation. If they have a reputation for poor quality products, poor customer service, or poor services, then chances are they aren’t the most reputable of places.

Look for a company that has a lot of reviews or can provide you with a few testimonials from customers. You don’t want to be purchasing something as expensive and as important as hardwood floors and have them be a miserable company to transact with.

Do they have an installation service?

Do they have an installation service

I am not the kind of person who should ever be handling power tools. If I had to put in my own hardwood floors, I wouldn’t even know where to start. I would be so confused and I would probably mess something up.

Many timber supply companies have installation services so you don’t have to worry about hiring someone else or doing the job yourself. They’ll be the ones doing all that for you. This takes away the extra step of finding someone else who can put your hardwood floors in.

If the company doesn’t then you might want to consider looking somewhere else because you’d have to coordinate your purchase with a third party person’s time. You don’t want to make the purchase now but your contractor can’t install it for another three weeks. What are you going to do with all that wood?

If you’re someone who is way handier than me, then check out this guide on how to install hardwoods yourself and save some money.

Ask about their Warranty policies

Hardwood flooring is expensive. The last thing you want is for something to happen closely after buying them and be out all that money and your hardwood floors. Ask if they have any warranties on the flooring that they can sign you up for. That way you’ll have a little bit of insurance in case the worst-case scenario happens.

Ask how long they’ve been in business

There are some people who only want to shop at large, established companies and others who want to help a start-up company take off. Look closely at the business as a whole. Just because it’s been around for a while doesn’t mean they’re the best for you. And just because a new star-up has been around for less amount of time doesn’t mean that it’s not an amazing business with knowledgeable staff and quality materials.

You never know. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that you ask questions and think about both options carefully. Neither is wrong or right, it just depends on the situation so it’s best to make a judgment call that’s best for you based on the information you have.

Are they professional?

If they’re coming up to you looking like they just put in hardwood flooring themselves, then they don’t exactly inspire professionalism. Make sure whoever you talk to is respectful, informative, and are trained in customer service. If they swear every other wood, don’t act responsibly, or are rude to you or their employees, then it’s safe to say they aren’t a very reputable organization so it’s best to avoid them at all costs.

When it comes to your hardwood flooring, you want to make sure you’re picking the best company and the best product. I hope this list helped you keep some determining factors n mind when you search for your timber supplier.

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