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Things to Keep in Mind While Selecting an Addiction Rehab Center
Things to Keep in Mind While Selecting an Addiction Rehab Center


How to Choose a Los Angeles Teen Drug Rehab Center

When choosing a teen drug rehab center in Los Angeles it’s essential to set the goals you aim for your child to achieve. After setting your mindset, you must also ensure that the teen drug rehab facility can meet those standards. As the head of your family, you must ensure that your child will be in the best hands to recover from their drug or alcohol addiction. When teenagers are addicted to drugs, their behaviors can often be too tough to handle, so seeking professional help is needed.

There are several teen drug rehab programs available in Los Angeles, California, and around the country. We’ve listed some critical facts regarding the different types of teen drug rehab programs below:

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Teen Drug Rehab 

  1. Inpatient vs. Residential vs. Outpatient

There are several common Los Angeles teen treatment types, inpatient adolescent drug rehab, substance abuse treatment for teens, residential treatment for teens, and adolescent intensive outpatient programs. Whichever you select, often with the help of a family therapist, depends on the urgency and current phase of addiction the teen is struggling with.

Adolescent Residential Drug Treatment Program in Los Angeles

Inpatient teen drug rehab offers the most intensive level of teen addiction treatment providing support around the clock in a secure teen rehab facility or hospital. Teen inpatient treatment is designed for adolescents that suffer from severe drug issues and need constant care for the sake of their well-being. During teen inpatient treatment, patients have the opportunity to separate from their everyday stressors while coming off drugs and begin processing underlying issues that play into their addiction.

Inpatient teen drug treatment in Los Angeles often involves medication to help the teenager come off drugs. Inpatient teen drug rehab is the best option for adolescents highly dependent on drugs or alcohol whose problems have escalated to a point where they have caused severe problems in their professional and personal lives or suffer from co-occurring disorders.

On the other hand, outpatients are offered care from a professional but with a lighter approach than the inpatient. Anyone enrolled as an outpatient may still live their lives like before. (e.g., attending school, going to work, etc.)

  • Specialties

Meanwhile, you must consider another factor before enrolling your children: understanding which specialty the facility is currently known for. As mentioned, there are several types of addiction, and that involves alcohol and drugs. You may find a teen drug rehab or find teen alcohol rehab near you as long as you know which addiction should be addressed.

Although, there are times where a patient is suffering from both. That’s why a proper assessment and searching for a suitable facility is vital. Doing so may help you find an answer on how to help your children from this kind of behavior fully.

  • Treatments and Therapies

When inquiring about a facility, you select a rehab based on the staff and the therapy / care your teen will be receiving. Each teenage rehabilitation center offers a wide range of therapy sessions for your child.

Now, you may be wondering what the different types of rehabilitation programs are.

  • Amenities

One of the most critical factors you must check is the amenities offered by the facility. It should be a priority, especially if the person will undergo as an inpatient. Naturally, there is a significant difference in amenities between alcohol rehab and drug rehab. Always ensure to select the perfect teen rehab center that offers the needed amenities for your child.

  • Location

It is necessary to have a support system to help other people recover from their situation thoroughly. One of the fears that a patient has is the feeling of abandonment. That is why people don’t want to seek professional help. The feeling of being alone while fighting the process of withdrawal seems too great for them.

If the goal is to help the patient go through the process to help them feel better, then choosing a rehabilitation for young adults near you is great. Thus, allowing them to feel at ease as they are not far from home.

  • Length of Program

For first-timers, you might be wondering how long the program will last before you can go back to your routine. Usually, a rehab facility offers three varieties of program lengths, 30, 60, and 90. Most of the time, professionals encourage acquiring the 60 and 90 days of treatment to improve further. It is logical and the safest route as 30 days seemed a little short to correct a patient’s unnatural behavior. However, it will still depend on what the patient and the family chooses to have.

  • Cost

As mentioned before, there are three different lengths of the program available in each rehab. You have the privilege to choose how long you like to stay. Although, 60 and 90 days are much preferable for the effectiveness of the treatment. However, there are cases where choosing 60 or even 90 days is not possible due to the family’s budget.

There is no problem with choosing a whole 30 days for the treatment. The only thing left to do to improve further their situation is a guide and help them avoid any temptation after the 30 days of treatment.

  • Family Participation

This factor is one of the best solutions people must take advantage of to ensure a full recovery. A partnership between the facility and the family itself is one of the best ideas to put the patient at ease. Furthermore, it helps the members of the family to grasp the situation easily. That way, they can help alleviate the stress and do the procedure needed when the patient is already out of the program.

  • Age-Specific

It is crucial to understand a significant difference between an adult rehab center and a teen rehabilitation center. Dealing with a young adult’s addiction is much more complex than discussing it with an adult. Since the patient is much younger, they are more likely to hide their addiction. Furthermore, their ability to understand the situation is not like how an adult receives the situation. Thus, making it a reasonable choice to properly select an appropriate rehab facility depending on your child’s age.

  • Trained, Licensed, Professional Treatment Team

As vital it is to know how trustworthy the facility itself is, you must also note that the qualified staff is. This choice does not intend to degrade the person’s capability, but we’re talking about psychological improvement. Of course, as a parent, you only want the best for your children. That’s why preferring a knowledgeable and licensed professional is a must.

Furthermore, it is necessary not to have any malpractice issues, so preventing any other complications is necessary. It would be best to trust a professional medical team to offer the treatment needed. Thus, no more probable risks may occur as your child is in the hands of licensed doctors and nurses.

  • Culture and Gender

Gender and culture are also noted when it comes to dealing with addiction. Each gender has their reasons as to why they end up being addicted to either drugs or alcohol. To further focus on their treatment, it would be best to concentrate on what’s best for the patient. There’s no need to worry as there are a lot of rehab facilities that offer gender-specific treatments.

  • Track Treatment Outcomes

Lastly, it is vital to keep track of all the procedures, treatment, results, and progress data to ensure everything is in the right place. Therefore, this factor should be duly noted when selecting a rehab facility. Moreover, it also helps you identify if all the goals and plans were achieved during the treatment.

Types of Teen Drug Rehab Programs

Inpatient Rehab – As mentioned, inpatient rehab means that you’ll undergo therapy and programs offered inside the care facility itself. You may be enrolled depending on how long you decided to stay. (e.g., 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days.) 

Outpatient Rehab – Meanwhile, the outpatient can receive their treatment while living inside their home. Usually, they are required to attend counseling every once in a while. Although, patients can still live with their families and meet other teens at school. There are many popular teen outpatient programs in Los Angeles.

Group Counselling – This next rehab program entails the importance of REBT (Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy) and its role in one’s improvement. Usually, the facilitator and the patients will discuss a sensitive topic and conclude to fight negative self-talk. That way, they can resolve the negative mindset within themselves.

Individualized Drug Counselling – In this therapy session, the doctors provide care and treatment faster. Each patient will have scheduled counseling with a licensed professional to help them understand their situation. Doing so can help them figure out the best action to cope up with their addiction.

Short-Term Residential Treatment – When it comes to this particular treatment, the patient will be required to be an inpatient for about 3 to 6 weeks. After that duration, the patient is still encouraged to keep track of their progress through attending as an outpatient.

Long-Term Residential Treatment – Lastly, the patient must be housed in a non-hospital setting when it comes to this type of program. Usually, they are transferred to a community with people of the same condition, doctors, staff, and nurses. They are treated for about 6 – 12 months.

Other Queries

After selecting the right facility for your child, you might have some questions that aren’t tackled yet above. Let’s see a simple rundown on them below:

  • Which Treatment Is Right for Your Family?

In terms of seeking suitable treatment, you don’t have to worry about it. The doctors will help you out discuss every program your child should undergo. That way, you’ll understand why the procedure is needed and if it can meet the standards, you mentioned earlier.

  • What Questions Should One Ask Before Taking Teen to A Rehab Facility?

In this scenario, any questions about your child’s welfare, the process, the duration, and even the cost are valid questions. As long as it involves what will happen to your child, never hesitate to ask. The facilities are created to provide support and help to those who need them.

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