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How to become an Azure Developer
How to become an Azure Developer


How to become an Azure Developer?

An Azure developer is one of the careers that are at the peak in this current scenario. Most big companies like U.S. Security Associates, Inc., Perdue, Allied Wire & Cable, Inc., etc. are using Microsoft Azure as their cloud-based platform for various operations.

Basically, Azure is the free public cloud-based platform available to all developed by Microsoft. It provides solutions such as using Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS) which are used for analytics, networking, virtual computing, storage and much more.

Who are Azure Developers?

Azure developers are the persons who are well-versed in this technology and have obtained an Azure Administrator Certification. Azure is currently growing at a rate of 120,000 learners a month. They know programming languages like JavaScript, SQL Server and HTML5.

Skill Sets Needed to become Azure Developer

Some of the skills needed to become a successful developer are:

  • First of all, like all developing software, Azure needs you to be good in programming languages mainly JavaScript, SQL Server and HTML5.
  • The second most important thing is to be good in obviously Cloud Computing and relative skills.
  • Good developer with also keeping resources in mind to develop, and to manage the costs.
  • Developers familiar with Microsoft technologies, like the .NET framework and Visual Studio IDE, will find developing for Microsoft Azure very easy.
  • To scale our apps: Developers should really know how to scale their apps and to grow their customers.
  • Predicting the future: Yes, you read it right, a good developer is the one who can think of all the future problems that can arise in his program and can provide specific solutions for it in advance.
  • Azure developers need to be creative and should have a mindset of knowing their customer needs to provide them with the right solution using various 90 different kinds of services provided by Azure.

Learn about Azure Developer Skills and Responsibilities in this Youtube Video:

Certifications Required to become Azure Developer

The most crucial thing that can drive you towards getting a developer job profile on Microsoft Azure is certification. A certification is a proofing tool for giving an edge to yourself from the competition. With an Azure developer certification, you could be able to show your potential and necessary skills. Furthermore, it also affirms the skills of a professional to function effectively in the Azure cloud.

The certification can provide touchable proof of your expertise and knowledge of Azure development skills. Employers are more likely to choose certified professionals rather than candidates with deficiently defined experience in development on cloud platforms.

The Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate certification is one of the best ways to start your career in Azure development. The exam you need to take to receive this Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate is AZ-203: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure.

AZ-203: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure exam will recognize and certify your ability to develop solutions on Azure platform, develop for Azure storage, implement Azure security, optimizing and troubleshooting solutions on the Azure platform, connecting and having Azure services and third-party services.

Benefits of becoming a certified Azure Developer

On becoming a certified Azure Developer, you will gain the following skill sets:

  • Development of the Azure cloud model
  • Development of Azure storage
  • Creating and implementing security features for cloud solutions
  • Building cloud integration solutions
  • Development of Azure laaS and PaaS
  • Development of cognitive services, Azure bot, and IoT services
  • Resolution and optimization of solutions

Necessities of the Azure Developer Jobholder

The Azure Developer certification makes you ready for the Azure developer job role that includes the design and growing of cloud solutions on Azure. The other facets that are included in the job description for an Azure development professional are as follows.

  • Participating in all parts of development, starting with solution design.
  • Proven expertness in developing and deploying applications on Azure.
  • Application’s testing and maintenance.
  • Soundness in the use of Azure tools and technologies such as security, communications, compute and storage.
  • Working in partnerships with cloud administrators, cloud DBAs, clients and cloud solution architects.


The details mentioned above focused on the different aspects needed to get ready for an Azure development job. The essential highlights covered in the discussion included a brief insight into Azure and its growing demand. After that, the discussion outlined reasons to choose a career in Azure development.

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