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The Best Ways to Add Layers to Your Feathered Hair
The Best Ways to Add Layers to Your Feathered Hair


How to Add Layers to Your Feathered Hair

Adding layers to your feathered hair helps you show off your face while enjoying a cool hairstyle. Besides, styling a feathered hairstyle is easy to do because you don’t require a lot of products. It requires you to do a modern twist and part the hair to the side.

If your hair is too long, you will need to cut it to shoulder length or a shorter length. Moreover, if you have already cut the hair, try styling the feathered hair around the face. However, layering the hair is a requirement, but if you do not want to cut the hair, you can feather the bangs to show off your face.

  • Wash Your Hair

When adding feathers to your hair, start by washing it until it is damp. This makes the hair cleaner because oil build-up can make it hard to get the cut. Use a towel to dry the hair but let it remain damp. Alternatively, if your hair is clean, you can use a spray bottle to dampen the hair.

  • Comb The Hair

Use a comb to make the hair lie flat and also to ensure there are no tangles. According to LoveHairStyles, this ensures you get the right length when cutting the hair. People with fragile or very curly hair use a serum to prevent breakage.

Comb The Hair

  • Make A Part

Your hairstyle will look too silent and dull without an add-on like a part. Choose to part it in the middle or on the left or right side. If you don’t want to try something new, add your usual part. Besides, you can also opt for beautiful patterns on the sides of your hair that is not long. This adds a more lively vibe to the entire hairstyle especially when the hair blew revealing those patterns.

  • Put The Hair Into Smaller Sections

Trace the lines between your ears and use a rat-tail comb to section it. Hair clips will hold the sections together and secure them as you work on the others. Divide the hair into four quadrants and divide the quadrants into half.

  • Hold The Section With Two Fingers

Use your two fingers to hold the end of each section. The hair should look like it is between fingers. Pull the hair down until the one left is half an inch from the fingers to the tip. You should use a non-dominant hand to hold the hair to avoid switching hands.

  • Pull And Twist

If your hair is long enough for you to look at it when cutting, pull it from your face and twist. Ensure you twist the hair pointing away from your face to get feathered hair layers that frame the face.

Pull And Twist

  • Use Feathering Shears For The Tips

Snipping the ends of the hair with feathering shears gives the hair a more feathering effect. Ensure you cut small bits of the length, like 1/8th of an inch. You can use a hairstylist’s razor instead of feathering shears, but avoid using a regular razor.

  • Repeat On The Other Sections

This was just a section of the hair. Repeat the steps to the other sections to get the same look. The back might be hard to reach. Tilt the head and pull the hair towards the front from the back so that you can see it. If not, you can use another mirror at the back to reflect the hair.

  • Dry The Hair

Once you have cut every part and achieved the feathered style, dry the hair. You can add some products like gel and creams to hold it in place. Choose a feathered hairstyle you have always admired, or you can even wash and dry the hair.

  • Feathering Your Bangs

If you are feathering your bangs, start by washing and drying the hair. You won’t need to cut the hair or add layers to it. Once the hair is clean and damp, brush it and part to a side of your choice. Ensure you also remove the tangles. Apply hair gel or mouse to make styling easier and hold the hair in place for a while.

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