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How recording of screen track your teen's activities on a cellphone?
How recording of screen track your teen's activities on a cellphone?


How recording of screen track your teen’s activities on a cellphone?

Are you worried about your teens that spend most of the time on cellphone screen connected to the internet? Are you still struggling to know what teens are doing on their phones all day long? I know you are wondering about your teen’s cellphone addiction, and you want to make sure their online safety. Gone are the days when you used to remain helpless to know to whom teens are texting, make live phone calls, and use social media apps to interact with the people online. Cyberbullying and other predators are on the rise, and they are trapping young teens online. Therefore, parents are concerned about the online safety of the teens, and they have no option but to keep a constant eye on cellphone screens using screen recording software.

Is the recording of a phone’s screen can make a difference?

Having the complete info of the teen’s activities on the target device screen keeps updated. Therefore, you need to use a screen recording tool to record the videos of the phone screen to keep an eye on teen’s cellphone activities. So, you may have done research that how you can get the hands-on tool that helps you out to recording the screen of teen’s phones to keep an eye on their activities. In my opinion, you need to use the following mention tool to get the job done.

What is the recording of screen?

It is one of the most advanced and powerful features of the cellphone tracking app. You can install it on the target device and get access to the control panel and use the features and upload the information on the dashboard. Recording the screen enables you to know what teens are doing on their cellphone screen to the fullest. Therefore, you need to activate the screen recording feature via an online dashboard and it will start recording of screen and track cellphone activities in terms of short videos.

Apart from the particular feature, the application is packed with dozens of other features that enable you to monitor and track plenty of activities of teens on cellphone devices in general and on the screen in particular. Let’s discuss all the other features.  

Call recording

You can record live cellphone calls incoming and outgoing using a secret call recording tool and save the data of the calls on the web portal.


Users can capture the screenshots of a phone screen remotely by scheduling plenty of ones on the target device screen to know about the teen’s activities.


You can capture and record password keystrokes, messenger, messages, and email keystrokes applied to the target device using the keylogger app.

Social media tracking

Users can read the logs of instant messaging apps active on the cellphone with a social media messenger tracker. It enables you to read messages, conversations, and logs of voice video calls. You can also get to know about the logs of voice messages.

Read messages

Parents can monitor sent and received text messages with text messages monitoring app, and you can read logs of MMS and SMS sent/received.

GPS location

Users can track the live GPS location of the target device using a GPS location tracker, and you can get the location history with a time stamp.


Cellphone screen recorder is compatible with the phones and tablets running with the android operating system.  Further, you can use it on the latest version of Android OS 10 and above. Recording of the screen enables you to know the secret activities of teens on a cellphone.

How to install an app for the recording of the screen?

If you are trying your best to know about the activities of teens on a mobile screen and you are not yet able to do that, then you have to get your hands on the phone tracker app. Once you have the subscription via its webpage, then you will receive an email. Now you need to make a check on your email account and get the credentials in terms of password and ID. It is time to get physical access to the target cellphone device to initiate the process of installation. Once you are done with the installation, then get access to the features and get to know about the activities on the cellphone screen.


Recording of screen teen’s phone can make a difference and it enables you to make videos of the screen in real-time and you will get to know about the activities to the fullest.

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