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How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Dumpster
How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Dumpster


How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Dumpster?

Hiring a dumpster is a necessity to get rid of landscape waste or garbage from a project you’ve completed. But first, it might help to get a rough estimate of how much you’ll pay before ordering a dumpster from reputable firms such as Dumposaurus Dumpsters & Rolloff Rental.

The average cost of renting a dumpster is roughly $400, but the invoice you get is likely to factor in many elements. Before contacting a rental firm and requesting an estimate for a bin rental, read this simple price guide to familiarize yourself with some of the factors that affect pricing.

  • Size

Roll-off dumpster sizes vary and are measured in cubic yards. The most common bins include 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, and 40-yard sizes. That means the container you opt for inevitably affects the price you pay.

Before renting a bin, estimate how much space your waste is likely to take up. If you underestimate your load, you would have to rent an additional container at higher costs.

  • Duration of the Rental

The number of days you need a bin also factors in the overall equation. For instance, you would pay less if you need a container for three days than a customer who intends to rent it for ten days. But, policies vary by company, as some allow you to rent a dumpster for longer without incurring surcharges or extra fees.

Also, the package you choose determines the cost. Case in point, Dumposaurus charges $350 for a budget rental package of a 5-yard dumpster. In contrast, an express package offering priority pickup and delivery and up to 10 days of bin rental would set you back $450. Generally, the longer your rental, the higher the cost.

  • Weight

Although most dumpster companies charge a base price, they usually have a weight limit for their dumpsters. Inquire about this before hiring a bin so you don’t pay overage fees for exceeding the set limit.

These surcharges can mount up if you intend to get rid of heavy waste such as concrete. Typically, overage fees range from $60 to $100 per extra ton, although the costs vary from one rental firm to another. It’s advisable to hire a larger dumpster than you need to deal with eventualities that might arise or in case you underestimate your garbage’s weight.

  • Demand and Supply

During the off-season, rental companies tend to lower their prices to counter a slump in demand for their services. In such a case, you can snag a discount.

But, if everyone in town is attempting to find a rental bin, such as during seasonal cleanouts, expect prices to go up as demand picks up. Plus, not finding the right dumpster size to rent would mean settling for a larger, usually more expensive bin to compensate.

Besides, there might only be a few dumpster companies in some areas. Lower competition could mean one thing: customers may have to pay top dollar for waste disposal services.

  • Location 

Typical rental prices vary by state, and that’s before we narrow down to your exact location. Some of us live off the beaten path, which requires considerable travel for a dumpster company to reach us, leading to a higher cost of delivery and pickup. It’s also safe to assume that a fuel surcharge would be on the cards if you live beyond a waste company’s city limits.

  • Landfill Fees

You also need to factor the cost of disposal into a dump or landfill closest to your location, which in some cases can be several miles away. Landfills charge tipping fees based on weight. For instance, as of 2022, disposal of construction and demolition attracts roughly $53 per ton in charges across the US.

The fees can be nearly three times more in a city like New York due to a higher cost of living! Besides fuel surcharges, you would have to part with more cash as landfill fees since rental companies usually pass on such charges to renters.

  • The Company You Hire

Waste companies with a national footprint tend to charge more than locally-owned companies. Still, no two companies are created equal. Operational costs vary, and a firm with higher overheads is likely to charge more. With these aspects in mind, it would help to compare estimates from a number of local dumpster companies to have an idea of the most cost-effective option on the table.

Hopefully, this price guide sheds some light on the factors you need to consider as you shop around. Evidently, the cost isn’t cast in stone and may vary wildly. Consider hiring a tried-and-tested company, and get multiple estimates to find a reasonable price point.

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