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How Does EV Charging Work
How Does EV Charging Work


How Does EV Charging Work?

The biggest concern electronic vehicle owners have is knowing when to charge their vehicles and how they should charge them. This concern makes sense because the average motorist has been driving around gas-powered cars and refilling at the numerous gas stations as the gauge gets close to empty.

Charging electric vehicles is different, and this is because it requires you to plan. There has been a growing demand for alternatives to gas-powered cars, so public EV stations are widespread.

As a homeowner thinking of installing an EV charger, here is what you need to know about EV chargers.

What is an EV Charger?

It is just like other appliances you charge by plugging into the wall. An electric vehicle charger is equipment that pulls an electric current from the grid it’s connected to or a 240v outlet. The EV Charger then delivers the electricity to the vehicle. Electric cars and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles need an electric charger for their batteries to be complete.

Charger Levels

These chargers fall into three categories.

Level 1 – Portable EVSE

Level one charging is about plugging the cable that came with the car into the standard household outlet. This is the slowest method to set up an electric vehicle. It only delivers up to 2.3kW (10A), which equates to 4 to 5 miles of range in an hour. This level could be dangerous under certain circumstances.

Level 2 – Wall Chargers

This is the level at which vehicle owners use the charging stations placed on walls, poles, or ground to charge their electric vehicles. Because of their price points and the speed at which they charge, you can find level 2 chargers mostly at residential and commercial locations.

Using a level 2 charger takes 5 to 15 times faster than the regular socket, depending on the charging station’s power output and the vehicle type. Level 2 chargers have many capabilities. For instance, charging for an hour with a 7.4 kW charger will deliver about 25 miles of range, among other examples.

Level 3 charger-DC Fast Chargers

These are fast chargers. Level 3 chargers are ideal for short-stops like service stations or feet depots. It is because they deliver more power at a quicker rate. Of the three levels, level three is the fastest.

The power output needed for level 3 is far higher than for level 2. Some grade 3 charging stations offer up to 350Kw of power. Therefore, they charge electric vehicles in 15 minutes.

An electric car’s battery can only store DC energy, which means that conversion from AC to DC happens in the charging station when you use a level 3 charger. Level 3 charging stations are large so that they can house the robust converters needed for quick conversions.


In this time where information is readily available everywhere, avoid the thought of installing the EV chargers on your own unless you are a trained electrician and have much experience installing them. Call a qualified electrician to safely install your EV charging station to avoid.

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