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How Does A PTAC Air Conditioner Works
How Does A PTAC Air Conditioner Works


How Does A PTAC Air Conditioner Works

With the rising global temperatures, weather patterns have become more unpredictable. Places that were known to have cold climates are experiencing sweltering heat waves. So people are trying to keep the climate of their homes in as much control as possible.

The most common solution is to install central air conditioning that needs ductwork to operate. This installation is expensive and needs a lot of work. Instead, a much easier and non-complex solution is PTAC air conditioner.

PTACs stands for packaged terminal air conditioners. They are easier to install and require no ductwork. Commonly found in motels, dorms, hotels, hospitals, and commercial places. They are used in places where a central air conditioning system will not work.

How Do They Work

A PTAC is incorporating a system that has self-contained heating and air conditioning. The refrigerant is pushed through, it cools the air, and throws it into the room. While an outlet on the unit takes in the hot and humid air of the room and dumps it outside. All of these actions are performed by consuming electricity.

They are installed with a vented opening in the wall. The vents are at the back end of the PTAC and they help the PTAC to throw the hot air outside from inside the room. They can also be installed in the wall with a metal shield. PTACs are best for small spaces so the room they are being used in must be small and closed.

To reduce pipings that dispose of the condensed vapor it uses a mechanism that deposits the condensed water onto the condenser coil. The condenser coil is hot so the water evaporates. This reduces the cost because it doesn’t require a drain.

How They Have Become So Popular

With rising energy prices, people are trying to find energy-efficient cooling solutions. They also want air conditioning that is simple to use and does not require an expensive installation procedure such as central air conditioning.

PTACs are best for people who want to save space and want a cooling solution that is powerful and reliable, so it has risen in popularity. They are small and energy-efficient. Unlike other options on the market, they are not bulky. Also, they are used individually so no energy is wasted.

They are convenient and a user can set up a temperature specifically for them instead of disturbing others. They also have heating options, so in winters you will not need a heater to keep warm.

New Features

PTACs have been innovated to meet the requirements of the modern user. Apart from being energy efficient, they are coming equipped with technology that cleanses the air in your room.

They have further improved the efficiency which means users are getting returns on their investment within 5 years.

If you are looking for a PTAC air conditioner then you should check out They have a wide range of PTACs. They will help you in choosing the right PTAC according to your needs and requirements.

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