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How Do You Decorate A Room For Minecraft Lovers
How Do You Decorate A Room For Minecraft Lovers

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How Do You Decorate A Room For Minecraft Lovers?

As a Minecraft fan, how can you live out the game in the comfort of your own quarters?

Are you a fan of the joy-filled, cubed video game known as Minecraft? If so, have you ever thought of making the fictional world of Steve’s and Alex’s into reality? Well, the only answer here is ‘Why not?’ 

Because just like in Minecraft, your imagination in the real world should also be limitless! Hold on to your crafting tables and your emeralds because we’re going to craft a room fit for a mighty adventurer! If you feel like spicing up your ideas a tad bit, click here for more ideas.

The Atmosphere

One of the vital elements of a personal quarter is the atmosphere it gives off. First, start with a proper paint job. Begin with the walls with the first layer of light blue to imitate the relaxed and calming sky, just like in the game itself.

This would generally give off a sense of serenity for every waking moment, mixed with proper lighting from a properly positioned light bulb in the middle of the room to replicate the sun. The next step would be painting the lower part of the walls like the grass/dirt blocks in the game to give a feeling of variety and naturality in the room.

You can redesign it to look like any wood block in the game for the floor, but most preferably oak wood planks to keep the sense of coziness in the room. As an additional effect, add a final layer of pure white cubed clouds towards the top area of the walls, maybe even the ceiling.

The Lighting

Of course, the sun isn’t the only light source. Let it be in-game or in real life. I would suggest designing a night light or a lamp in the shape of a torch or a glowstone block and putting it beside your bed for easier reach and practicality.

Both of which will give terrific lighting, especially during the night. This would definitely keep those pesky mobs out! Ideally, the torch can be placed on the bed’s headboard, while the glowstone lamp can be on a drawer beside the said bed.

The Comfort

Recreating the bed from Minecraft is the easiest to do. You can just buy a mattress from your local village, exchange it with some emeralds, and you’re already 1/3 done. Next, buy some pure white bedsheets & pillowcases and top it off with a red comforter, then there you have it!

The Miscellaneous

Everything else can be up to your liking and/or standards. For example, your table can be painted as oak wood planks, while the legs and pillars can be either fence/s or oak wood logs. Though the chair is the hardest part, you can substitute it with a couch with the same design as the table.

As for the closet and compartments you need, I suggest that you follow the premise of your other accessories. Your wardrobe can be of darker color like Spruce or Dark Oak, to add contrast to the vibe of the room. After you’re done, feel free to put your armor in there and prepare for your next venture!

These ideas are only the simplest ones that can help you create the perfect room for yourself. Now that you’ve built your spawn point, you can add your own spice and flavor into the designs.

Let this be a guide and stepping stone towards turning your quarters into your own world! So get your rest, adventurer. Glory awaits you!

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