How do home audio speakers work

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Source: Aileen Alice (Contributor)

Whether you are looking for an outdoor sound system or looking for perfect surround sound for your home theater you need to level up your audio game. Gone are the days of struggling with the tangled earphones now it’s time to move on with wireless speakers.

The Basics of the home audio speaker

A speaker consists of many parts. The part which vibrates to generate sound is known as a diaphragm or cone. It’s a flexible surface that can be pulled in or pushed out by the remaining speaker mechanism. Another component is electromagnet which is attached to the center of the cone. There is also one permanent magnet which is behind the electromagnet. So, a speaker has two types of magnet.

Electromagnets take advantage of the relationship between magnetic fields and electricity. When electricity flows through a wire it generates a magnetic field and creates an electric current. Electromagnet switches its poles depending on the flow of the electricity. Speakers modify the electric flow from the amplifier within the source. This lets the source flow the electricity to the speakers.

There’s Light

The wireless speaker does not have any connection with any source or stereo. Instead, the system or the phone sends a signal to the speaker so that they receive it and convert it into electricity to drive the voice coil in the speaker. A way in which this is can be done is:

  • Using infrared signals just like tv remote works. The stereo has a transmitter that sends out an infrared beam of light. Once this is done the transmitter takes the fluctuation of the electricity the same which controls the speaker and converts them into an infrared beam. Once it is detected, the sensor sends electric signals to the amplifier. Without this, signals would be weak that’s why wired power is required to charge the speakers.

Benefits of home audio speakers

  • They have the ability to Play Music and Broadcast from different Sources

The speaker can play any type of record from any source. Some speakers even come with apps that can be installed on your phone or tablet and they play music from its library. The others are the ones that get connected with Bluetooth. They are very user-friendly and get easily connected. They play everything that you play on your phone be it songs, videos or anything which has audio.

  • They are Energy-Efficient

You don’t always need to keep them plugged in with power. They can work without electric power being plugged. They stay charged for long and do not consume much power. You can charge them once and they will function till about 24 hrs. and play nonstop music.

  • There is No Installation Required

Using home audio speakers is very easy and you don’t have to be very tech-savvy for it too. You can easily connect it with your device and play your favorite songs. It’s also best for office presentations as it can be set up easily.

Though the home audio speakers are portable and wireless they never compromise on the sound quality. It’s a must to have an appliance.



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