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How Commercial Electrical Estimators produce accurate Electrical Estimates
How Commercial Electrical Estimators produce accurate Electrical Estimates
How Commercial Electrical Estimators produce accurate Electrical Estimates


How Commercial Electrical Estimators produce accurate Electrical Estimates

When it comes to estimating an electrical project, many Commercial Electrical Estimators begin with lighting design and its sourcing. Extracting pricing for different components can take time; in result, it’s better to start early.

How to produce accurate electrical estimates

Accurate lightening estimates will extract the help of the right tools and process in a much faster way. Many customers can boost the number of quotes while going out by a good percentage through swapping manual counts using pen, paper and highlighters.

Here’s the detail of different type of software that can help estimators teams to produce faster, more accurate lighting estimates:

Utilize accurate auto counts to takeoff lighting symbols

As mentioned above, utilizing automated software for electrical takeoff can speed up your estimating process. It will also provide the ability to auto count symbols, and estimate software will often contain tools for linear measurement to estimate different LED strips or extrusion lighting that elevates to any particular length.

There is a process that allows you to split symbols into zones named as Demarcation. It can be useful for removing unnecessary items and ensuring your final estimate is broken down into the correct quantities.

Standardize the process and workflow

When you have a lot of estimators while working across projects, each one adopts their way of working, mainly while working manually. While performing different estimates with one of the countless tools like Count Fire, inbuilt workflows create a project lifecycle that can be followed quickly with a specific time to estimate.

The complete lifecycle ensures you about all estimators that work in the same way, and that estimating managers check overwork more frequently and ensure all devices have been inspected appropriately. It is relevant while calculating lighting estimates in extensive settings like train stations, universities and prisons.

Separate lighting fixture symbols by colour

In improving your memory capacity, Color coding is a useful technique that also makes you pay more attention to the information being processed. If you have done counting manually, then you’ll likely have a whole pot of highlighters.

Different software advice choosing a colour for each and particular symbol, it will help you to differentiate and make your final estimates easier for the client to decipher.  It also helps when assessments are generally passed to different departments and break down a particular estimate through symbol.

When you have selected or counted all the lightening requirements, many estimators will begin approaching different prices of an additional element. These are the few requirements while working on public or private tenders to save energy and carbon output.

Revise your lightening estimate at a point

Analyzing your accuracy is an essential part of lightening estimation, as missing one symbol or drawing can cause a massive difference to your project cost. It depends on the change of order process while having revisions that come in before or after the initial estimate. Make sure you have confirmed all four stages within the project workflow to ensure you never miss a symbol or drawing.


If it’s able to create accurate and fast Electrical Estimates, then it will help your company to obtain tremendous success at completing and winning new tenders. Utilizing efficient software will speed up your estimating process and give you something to fall back on if you need any changes.

Utilizing efficient software will speed up your Electrical Estimates and help your Electrical Estimating Company to obtain tremendous success in winning new tenders.


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Tyrone j. Miller

Tyrone j. Miller is an experienced guy from Dallas, Texas. He has availed several estimating services for his company and proved himself as a competent employee because of providing accurate Electrical Estimating Services to his company. His remarkable work experience and analyzation have provided a million-dollar benefit to the company.

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