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Heroes of the past in Grand Theft Auto V
Heroes of the past in Grand Theft Auto V


Heroes of the past in Grand Theft Auto V

Every GTA fan recalls how cool it was when Tommy Vercetti joined the Forelli family, who had featured in GTA III. Any fan of the series won’t forget the joy we had when we saw Kent Paul in the desert near Las Venturas, during his chats about Ken Rosenberg, and later at the butcher, when Ken shouted “Tommy!”

The new GTA world has more famous characters. Now they aren’t separated by many years and periods; they’re ready to meet much as we’re waiting for the next installment of our favorite series. GTA V continues the stories of most of the fourth game’s characters in Los Santos.

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Niko Bellic and his family

Lester Krest casually mentioned an Eastern European hunter who laid down in Liberty City. It was Niko’s. Lester may assist “a band of crazed Irishmen” steal the Bank of Liberty City if he knows them.

“Lay low” either indicates Niko’s death or his next effort to avoid crime. Jimmy De Santa has Niko’s Lifeinvader website open on his laptop, therefore option 2 is more plausible. Before GTA IV, the Serbian immigrant didn’t have a social media presence. Niko’s wish to “lie low” and live a regular life is congruent with his story’s theme: escaping the past to enjoy the present.

Niko Bellic joined with BurgerShot, an allusion to GTA IV’s fast food-based health regeneration system. Niko’s brother Roman has buddies. This suggests that the hero’s uncompromising attitude prevented him from making a bargain with Dmitry Raskalov and he wanted just retaliation.

Tavell Clinton, a relative of Franklin who migrated from Los Santos to Liberty City, calls Roman’s cab service the worst he’s ever seen on his Lifeinvader profile. While Rockstar Games has claimed that Roman’s destiny is up to the player, his social media activity and the presence of a cab firm show that he is still bothering Niko with bowling offers and perhaps raising a daughter called Kate with Mallory. Read GTA 5 vs GTA 4 comparison for more interesting facts.

Patrick McReary & family

Every gamer without a strong sense of justice let two robbers escape in Los Santos. After robbing the Bank of Liberty City, Patrick McReary travelled to the West Coast and robbed liquor shops.

Patrick was traveling to the airport in The Ballad of Blue Tony’s closing credits. Packie made the first trip to the next region of GTA V to aid our heroes with robberies. Lester Crest is aware of him and his accomplishments, but Patrick never sought to contact him throughout his five years in Los Santos, preferring minor thefts with casual friends. Lester spoke with the Irish gang via Gerald or Derrick.

Gerald went to prison for a long time, and Patrick’s sister, Kate McReary, died. Derrick, Niko’s elder brother, also died during the bank heist at Paleto Bay, according to Packie. It is unknown if Derrick’s heroin addiction and restless temper caused his death. Niko was sympathetic to the former rebel, but Francis’ money and influence may have swayed him. Age, drugs, and criminal activities don’t ensure a long, happy life. Patrick departed Liberty City after a family tragedy.

In Chinatown Wars, the Irish gang is no longer called the McReary family, but Irish-American Killers, confirming that there is no new boss. Gordon Sargent was the most aggressive and egotistical member of the group, and he placed Gerald in charge.

Gordon owes money to local bookmakers, and Messina family capo Mark Volpe handles Dukes bets. Since the Irish gang’s old employer, the Pegorino syndicate, was decimated, Gordon may attempt to pay off the loan by employing his men. Mark’s brother Fredo Volpe has been a police informer for a long time, and the gangsters accuse Mark of this, putting his career in jeopardy.

Patrick cut relations with Niko Bellic and says he’s dead. This follows the Rockstar tradition of thinking prior heroes dead, although it may just be Packa’s pessimism. Nico and Patrick’s friendship ended so quickly, but is it easy to continue one after so many tragedies?

Johnny Klebitz and his brotherhood

GTA V’s effects on motorcyclists are obvious. Each key character in GTA IV helped destroy the Lost club. Johnny Klebitz, the club’s most active member, fought with his brothers and burnt down the clubhouse. How did the Lost brotherhood become one of the biggest illegal motorcycle clubs after rejecting a player for five years? How did the biker diaspora persist despite the player’s attempts to eradicate them?

Johnny, Terry, and Clay fell prey to drug dealer Trevor Philips, whose hostility they disregarded for too long. Ashley Butler overdosed on heroin afterwards. If Rockstar makes Johnny their employer in GTA Online, it will be possible to learn more about the fate of Lost, but for now, this is all that is known about it.

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