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Best Way to Order CBD Online
Best Way to Order CBD Online


Here’s the Best Way to Order CBD Online

Only 1 out of every 7 adults has tried CBD in America.

When you consider all of the potential health benefits CBD has to offer, it makes you wonder why more people aren’t giving it a try. Perhaps, it’s because a lot of us are simply confused as to what CBD is all about.

You might have questions like, “Can I order CBD online, legally?”, or “how do I find safe CBD products?”. To help you answer all of these questions and more, we’ve created this short CBD buying guide.

So take a look! By the time you’re done reading, you’ll know how to order CBD in the safest way possible.

USA Based Facility

Before you make any type of purchase or do any serious window shopping, check to see if the company you’re considering using is based in the United States. Why? U.S. companies have to adhere to FDA standards.

Next, check if they comply with third-party lab tests. The best CBD suppliers will have their products lab tested, by an unbiased 3rd party. Additionally, the lab test results should be easily accessible by consumers.

If a company claims they lab test their products, but doesn’t show the results, take your business elsewhere. Whenever a company doesn’t submit to lab tests, they’re likely cutting corners in some way. If they’re cutting corners when it comes to sourcing your hemp, their products can cause more harm than good.

What Lab Tests Reveal

What’s the point of getting a lab test, anyways? One advantage is that you’ll know the details about the product you’re buying. For instance, potency is one thing a lab test can reveal. However, arguably the most important reason for companies to have their products undergo lab tests has to do with safety. CBD comes from hemp.

Hemp plants are particularly skilled at being able to soak up the content of the soil around them. When hemp’s grown in a nutrient-rich oil, the result is a quality product that’s full of terpenes!

Whereas if hemp’s not sourced from a safe location, it can contain harmful pesticides and toxins. Thankfully, all it takes is a lab test to reveal whether or not the CBD product contains any pesticides, metals, or toxins.

User-Friendly Website

Next, to discover the best CBD flower to buy online, look for a user-friendly website.  For instance, does the website seem up to date, and is it easy to navigate? The best companies will make efforts to improve the customer experience, and a website is a great example of caring about clients.

If a company has an outdated website that’s aggravating to navigate, do they care about their customers? Not likely. Hold out for a site that you can navigate on your desktop or mobile phone. That way, if you wind up falling in love with the products, window shopping, or buying more down the road will be a breeze.

Next, see if the website has an easy-to-find contact us the location. Whenever a company doesn’t have a contact us page, or the information is outdated, watch out!

The only type of company’s that don’t want to hear from customers are the ones that only have unsatisfied, angry customers. Reputable CBD suppliers will be happy to communicate with customers. It’s also a good sign if the website has recent reviews from clients.

Recent and Relevant Customer Reviews

Moving on, let’s discuss the type of customer reviews you should use to help guide your purchase. Begin by looking for detailed reviews that are relevant to you.

What reasons are you considering using CBD for? Are you looking to get pain relief, or perhaps you’re searching for a healthy way to unwind? By keeping your health goals in mind, you can filter out reviews that don’t speak to you.

Instead, look for reviews that come from customers like yourself, and see what type of results they’re experiencing. For instance, if you’re looking to CBD as a sleep aid, look for 2-3 reviews that comment on how the product affected their sleep. Next, check to see when the reviews were posted.

There’s nothing wrong with reading older reviews. However, you shouldn’t base your purchasing choices on old reviews alone. For one, it’s a red flag if a CBD company doesn’t have any reviews posted from within the last year. It could mean that the company isn’t legitimate, or their customers are unsatisfied.

Another issue with older reviews is that they could be completely void by the time you’re reading them. For example, let’s say a customer reviews a CBD vape you’re thinking about trying.

If the review is 2 years old, there’s no guarantee that the vape you’re buying uses the same ingredients or extraction method. To find information that can help you make an educated purchase, focus on reading recent and relevant reviews.

Can I Order CBD Online Legally?

Once you find a popular CBD supplier, with reviews and 3rd party tests, you can finally make your purchase. However, before you do, you’re probably wondering whether or not you can face any type of legal repercussions for buying CBD. The good news is that as long as CBD only contains trace amounts of THC, it’s completely legal.

What’s considered a trace amount? Any product with less than .3% THC. Now, if you live somewhere that cannabis is legal, CBD products can legally contain higher amounts of THC. Before you order CBD online, lways double-check the product’s label to ensure you’re getting a CBD product, not a THC one.

Will CBD Get You High?

Lastly, if CBD has trace amounts of THC, will it get you high? The good news is no, CBD won’t get you high. It’s also unlikely that you’d fail a drug test after using CBD products. Instead, CBD gives users a relaxing sensation, similar to how you’d feel after a nice hot bath. Life simply feels less tense, and your mind is more focused and clear.

Safely Order CBD Products

There you have it! The best tips for how to order CBD online, in the safest way possible. By taking the time to search for quality suppliers, with top-notch products, you’ll be able to get the best CBD products available. Go ahead and start looking for online CBD stores today, and remember to check for the contact us section.

If the website is old or doesn’t have a contact us page, keep searching! Finally, be sure to read several relevant, and recent reviews, before making your decision. For more tips like these, check out the rest of this site.

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