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Here's How to Order Prescriptions Online
Here's How to Order Prescriptions Online

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Here’s How to Order Prescriptions Online

119 million Americans take prescription drugs nowadays. That means roughly 45% of the population understand the hassle of going to the doctor’s office to get a prescription! If you do too, then the convenience of ordering prescriptions online makes total sense.

Yet it can also seem like a mystery when you’ve never done it before. With new systems to navigate and steps to take, it’s easy to get confused. Know the struggle and want some help?

Check out our brief guide to ordering an online prescription.

Know the Rules

The initial step is to figure out whether or not you can get your prescriptions online in the first place! Each state has its own rules. Depending on the medication(s) in question, you may have to attend an in-person appointment before you can utilize online doctor prescription services.

That may not apply for less serious conditions or if you’re refilling a previous prescription. But it’s almost always the case when you’re seeking a brand new one. In either case, though, it pays to find out what’s possible first!

Be Wary of Scam Services

Our next suggestion is to learn the difference between a reputable and dodgy online pharmacy. Unfortunately, many fake and unscrupulous services exist nowadays that attempt to exploit people’s desire to order prescription drugs online. They might offer attractive discounts to entice vulnerable individuals, for instance, then deliver unsafe and/or counterfeit medication.

Avoid that fate by checking their website for official certifications and credentials. You should also search online for reviews, feedback, and so on to prove they’re legitimate.

Find the Right Service

When you’ve ruled out the scam services, you can turn your attention to the legitimate ones. Trust us, there are many options out there nowadays! The best ones will:

  1. Offer the medication you need at a price that falls within budget,
  2. Provide support with your online prescription refill and/or transferring it, and
  3. Be simple and intuitive to use.

Follow the Instructions

The exact process of ordering prescriptions will vary depending on the online pharmacy you choose. In general, though, mail-order websites allow you to choose your medication from their online catalog. You click the drug you need and follow the on-screen instructions.

The pharmacy will process the order after you’ve paid the fee and then mail you the medication! Of course, you could use the online ‘patient portal’ of your current pharmacy instead. Take that tack and you simply request a refill online, wait until the medication’s ready, and then go to the pharmacy to collect it.

Remember How to Order Prescriptions Online

Ordering prescriptions online is super popular these days- especially since COVID-19 hit and we’ve had to stay indoors! For good reason too. Like any internet shopping, purchasing prescription drugs from online pharmacies is both convenient and accessible.

It helps to have some guidance when you’re doing it for the first time though! Not only are dodgy pharmacies ubiquitous, but the process can seem confusing when you’re accustomed to doing things the traditional way.

We hope this guide will come in handy if you know the struggle. To continue your education on similar topics, browse the Health Care section of the website now.

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