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Guide on how to Maintain your Septic System
Guide on how to Maintain your Septic System

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Guide on how to Maintain your Septic System

On average nobody wants to spend a lot of money on the repairing cost. If we talk about the Septic tank system, did you know that it cost around $3K to $7K in the replacement of the average Septic system? The amount is not normal for 60 percent of the households and commercial landowners. With this belief, monthly/yearly maintenance should be made your top-priority to keeping your Septic system error-free. Keeping an eye on the drainage system as well as what you and your family are throwing in flush, sinks play a vital role in the overall working of the Septic System. Here in this article, we have provided a guide on how you can properly look after your Septic system.

Effective Points for the Maintenance Septic System

Schedule Septic tank Pumping Service

Never skip the Septic tank pumping service date. Always make a track record and do not avoid it, as the garbage layers could cause serious damage to your Septic System. The requirement of service in a year depends on the usage of households. If your family is big or you host parties at your place more often, then it is mandatory to get it to check from the Septic professional quite often for the Septic tank cleaning.

High-efficiency toilet models

Usage of high-efficiency toilet models can reduce the amount of household water going into your Septic system. Professionals suggest that if you can get it replaced then it’s the best option so far. Otherwise, high-pressure water jetting every five years is recommended to avoid any long-term damage.

Usage of Bacteria Additive

As we all know that there are live bacteria present in the Septic system that feed on the wastewater. Using the bacteria additive is essential for the smooth process of the Septic System. You need to be extra careful in not using high chemical-based detergents or soaps as it can kill the bacteria present in the Septic tank. According to the experts of A Plus Septic tank Pumping, Microscopic organisms added substances are a reasonable protection strategy that keeps your lines clean and clear, scent-free, and your Septic system working appropriately.

Usage of Filter for Drain Field

Just like it is important to keep a check on what is going down the drain, likewise placing a filter on your drain field is necessary. There are many filters available in the market, you can choose an Effluent filter. This will prevent solid from entering the Septic tank. Make sure to clean the clogged filters on weekly basis to avoid any big misshape. If you do not have one, contact the Septic technician to get it fixed.

Have an expert Septic System professional go to the house to investigate your tank in any event once every one to three years. At the point when the professional shows up, they will record your filth levels in the tank. These levels ought to demonstrate when and how frequently you’ll have to pump your Septic system. The EPA reports that “if the highest point of the rubbish layer is inside 12 crawls of the power source, your tank should be pumped.”

How to tell if your Septic System is not working properly?

Is your septic framework transmitting foul scents? A Plus Septic tank Pumping guarantees that this could be an indication that something isn’t right. At the point when a Septic tank is filled with solids, it can stop working or may cause big damage. Yearly Septic tank cleaning can keep this from occurring. Another purpose behind Septic system disappointment could be its particular plan and area. Whenever situated close “wrong soils, inordinate slants, or high groundwater tables,” the Septic system could get immersed with outside water sources, reports the EPA. If you start to see sloppy waters around your septic framework, this could be an indication that the system has piled up too much liquid and is backing up.


We hope this article was informative enough for Septic owners to understand the basic guidelines. Maintenance is the key to your system. The more you look after inappropriate ways the better results your Septic system will show. Last but not least, always take help from professionals rather than relying on the advice of people.

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