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Get to Know More about the Best Data Center
Get to Know More about the Best Data Center


Get to Know More about the Best Data Center

A building or space where computer systems, servers, storage systems, telecommunication systems, power systems, cooling systems are located can be known as a data center. Backing up the information generated by the business enterprises is crucial for the businesses to run smoothly. At the same time, the enterprises cannot store their huge amounts of data in their internal systems.

Data centers come to the rescue by allowing the enterprise to store their data with them by renting a space in terms of servers or modules, depending on the requirement of the enterprises. The power and cooling systems can either be shared by the enterprises or can be limited individually.

The best data center service providers in the industry are strategically located for the enterprises to access the data physically without spending too much money and are also away from the areas that are marked for natural disasters. They also manufacture 80% of their data center modules which allows them to offer the services to their clients for a lesser price than others in the market.

Also known as colocation or colo, in short, data centers are used by a majority of the global, medium-sized, and small scale enterprises to store their information. That is because the cost of renting space and services at a data center is quite less compared to the cost of building the entire infrastructure from scratch.

  • Building and maintaining a data center exclusive to an enterprise would mean,
  • The business has to find a proper location to build the data center,
  • Invest in the technology, equipment, network systems,
  • Hire professionals to handle and update the data,
  • Make sure the data center is protected physically from data theft or other threats,
  • Regularly update the technology to stay in the market,
  • Invest in R&D or buy from others, etc.

Comparing this to paying a data center service provider for the above services would cost the enterprises much less in terms of time and money. Also, the enterprises do not have to focus on the security aspect since the data centers are responsible for handling it. The enterprises can use the time to work on their core aspects and access the data they stored at the data centers at any given point in time. The data centers make sure that there is a constant power supply and network connectivity for the enterprises to update, edit, and make changes to their data and information.

The best data center services providing company has data centers in,

  • Tahoe Reno, Nevada
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The following features make them the leaders in the market and the most preferred data center services,

  • They use 100% green, renewable, local energy resources.
  • They have helped in eliminating 265,000 carbon tons of emission from the environment.
  • Their data centers meet and exceed the standards of IEEE, BICSI, ASHRAE, 24/7, ANSI, ISO 9001, SAS 70/SSAE-16, the Green Grid Association and many more.
  • They provide up to 55kW power per cabinet.
  • They ensure 100% power uptime.
  • The use and sales taxes are reduced or nil depending on the location at which the data center is.
  • More than 50 carriers with services including the MPLS, IP, Transport, SIP, and SD-WAN.
  • They use a technology that helps then eliminate the chemicals from their cooling systems. This has resulted in saving more than 155 million gallons of water in three years.
  • They are active members of many initiatives that work for the cause of saving and protecting the environment and natural resources.
  • They have developed a new standard facility known as Tier 5 Platinum or Tier Elite. It is advanced and flexible compared to the Tier 4 standard and is available to the clients for the price of the Tier 2 standard.

With the physical security as a major focus of Tier 5 Platinum, the company has a seven-layer security system and allows limited access to the data center. The racks, cages, servers, networks, etc. are all independently securable, thereby offering maximum protection to the data of their clients.

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