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Gambling games that never reached our days
Gambling games that never reached our days


Gambling games that never reached our days

Gambling has a special attraction for many people because everyone can well imagine what he would do with a big pile of money from the jackpot won in Jackpot Charm casino review or another site. Challenging your luck and snapping the jackpot was an attractive thought already in ancient times, so the first gambling games appeared even then. In Asia, as well as in Europe and Africa, people – mostly men – played with each other for money. But not all games to the present day. Let’s look at them.

Games of the past that have not survived until today

  • Mahjong

One of the oldest games in Chinese history is Mahjong, which today is unknown to Westerners, whether they’re from the South, the East, or the North. The game somewhat resembles dominoes in its playing pieces. Its roots go back to the early Middle Ages in China. Originally intended for the nobility, the game became available to the general population in the 15th century and has been a popular pastime for 3-4 people ever since. The game was exported to Japan and America in 1910 but fell into oblivion rather quickly there as well. Mahjong is not a purely random game: you can guess which pieces will be drawn or which pieces your opponent wants. Nevertheless, the game, named after a bird, has been the most popular unofficial game of chance in China since the 1930s, but unfortunately is not relevant today.

  • Ventiuna

Some scholars suggest that the oldest gambling variations of blackjack came from a Spanish game called Ventiuna (21), as this type of game appeared in the author of Don Quixote in 1601, but perhaps the earliest form of the game was Trente-un (31) in 1570. Even before that, a game called Quinze existed in France. As with most such origin stories, the inventors of gambling are rarely noted in historical records.

The seventeenth-century French gambling game “Vingt-et-un” is undoubtedly the direct ancestor of today’s gambling. It is a game of chance that came to the United States with the first settlers from France. However, the original version and rules of the game have never been preserved to this day.


Originally played with cards that mimicked foreign patterns, but over time a local version of the deck evolved. The most historic Polish deck of cards consists of 16 cards, four of each variety: bell, red, acorn and wine. Over time, the number of figures increased, first adding the Kalka, then others. The canon increases to thirty-six cards, the colors remain unchanged. Stratification begins with the ace (two in the same kind), followed by the king, queen, high king, low king, nine, eight, seven, and six. The names of the cards also change. Trump becomes an ace, junior jack becomes a jack, senior jack becomes a queen, and diamond becomes a ten. The colors are also renamed, and familiar sounds take on a foreign connotation. Thus, a guilty becomes a spade, a bell becomes a diamond, a red becomes a diamond, and a frown becomes a club. To this day, this game has not survived.

Dice were also used for divination. By the number of dice rolled, they could guess the future. This futurological speculation was accompanied by an abundance of literature. It translated various combinations of drawn numbers into the language of divination. Great importance was attached to fortune-telling. The dice were shaken before important family events, before making deals, before going on a trip.

Now this kind of ritual has dried up and is not used.

Games of the future, which have not yet reached our days

The world is rapidly changing and evolving, however, as well as gambling and the sphere of entertainment in general, and who knows what awaits us shortly.

With the active improvement of technology, gambling is becoming unexpected, unpredictable, but still insanely enjoyable. So, to date, we can not get free access to VR-games casinos, but many developers now offer and implement such a possibility.

Also among the gambling games that have not reached our days are 7D games, which in the future will be able to take you almost entirely into the atmosphere that you feel and sitting in front of the roulette or machine in a land-based institution.

Games using robots can be a step towards the games we haven’t seen yet but will be able to see in the future. Such games will involve the full implementation of artificial intelligence, which will play games with you, but independently change the levels (difficulty) of the game when triggered by sensors of sadness or joy of the player who lost/won the next game.

No more people, the roulette will spin itself, thanks to technology. And when considering the standard game of Blackjack, the cards will be replaced by electronic variants, which will be displays and rugged material. You won’t have to do anything either: by reading your brain impulses the game will be controlled by your brain, i.e. by your mind.

Of course, this is not all, there will still be millions of new games, as developers daily improve and find new options for content development.


Many gambling games have not reached our days, but more games are ahead of us, so do not be sad, remembering some variants of games from the past that have lost interest and relevance to users in the present.

The future of gambling is a whole era, with new opportunities and even more experiences. We only have to wait a little longer…

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