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Five Common Keyword Research Mistakes that You Must Avoid
Five Common Keyword Research Mistakes that You Must Avoid

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Five Common Keyword Research Mistakes that You Must Avoid

Search Engine Optimisation professionals use a tactic known as Keyword Research to find and research search terms. The search terms are entered by users in the search bar of search engines while finding any product, service, or general information. These search terms, when inserted strategically in the content of any website; the content appears higher on the result page. The tactic also involves exploring the varied ways of using the language by people. But some common mistakes are made by SEO professionals while searching for keywords. Here are the 5 most common keyword research mistakes that you must avoid.

1. Placement of the wrong keyword in wrong contents

The most common mistakes occur when you put wrong keywords in the wrong contents. Lack of knowledge of accurate insertion of a keyword in suitable places can lead to lower SEO rankings. First, you need to search and collect all the possible and suitable keywords for insertion. Once you have collected, you need to see a place where they can efficiently fit. This process is called Keyword Allocation. If this is done correctly, then you can find your website or content at the top places of any search result page.

2. Satisfying the demand by a few big keywords

Large websites usually make mistakes focusing on a few top keywords. Usually, this kind of practice is seen in black-hat SEO claims because black-hat tactics are often used to uplift ranking for one word at a time. SEO of a list of only 30 keywords for an online marketplace with 100,000 pages of content is not enough. The 100,000 must be optimized for at least 300,000-500,000 keywords to drive a huge quantity of traffic and develop the business. So, in-depth keyword research is necessary.

  3. Choosing keywords that are irrelevant to customers

SEO professionals often make the mistake of chasing the volume of high searches of keywords. But they forget to pay attention to the relevancy of those keywords. Most people do not type irrelevant words while searching. So you need to select keywords that match the concern of customers. Different customers have different demands, and they use varied words to find the thing. So, you need to understand the thinking of customers and use the exact language.

4. Searching keywords based on current site structure

Many people search to look only at the main pages and major sections of websites and then begin to search for keywords. After that, they optimize the pages for the keywords they found and forget to go through the remaining pages of the website. Sometimes, many brilliant keywords get missed out due to this practice. The main aim of keyword research is to find all possible keywords used by net surfers. So, you need to choose the keywords based on the existing site structure and following all the pages of the site.

5. Putting all the focus into specific keywords

People having large websites with lots of keyword combinations tend to optimize for every specific combination they can. This can cause an unlimited amount of keywords. The lengthy keyword combinations may also have keywords with low search volumes. This is a waste of energy and time. If you target too many keywords, it can distract you from important keywords. So, you should always focus on the keywords having major search volumes. These keywords can drive your business.


Reaching the end of the content, it can be said that you are now well aware of the common mistakes SEO professionals make while searching for keywords. So, if you follow the above-mentioned 5 solutions of the 5 mistakes, then you will get great advantages in your business.

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