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Fitted Versus Adjustable
Fitted Versus Adjustable


Fitted Versus Adjustable: What’s The Right Fit for You?

There are several different cap designs and fits to select from, allowing consumers to personalize their look.

If you’re wondering what kind of cap to choose, you might be unsure. Aside from your own personal style and design preferences, there’s also the question of whether to go with a fitted or adjustable cap.

The Flexfit collection for 2022 has both fitted and adjustable caps in a variety of styles, colours, and customization choices, ensuring that everyone can find something they like.

Let’s look at each type in-depth, looking at its benefits and drawbacks.

What is a fitted cap? 

Fitted baseball caps are extremely popular, and as the name implies, it’s a cap that is meant to fit your head as comfortably as possible. There is no adjusting mechanism and no opening at the back.

Some hats are made specifically for certain head circumferences, while others come in a variety of sizes, such as small, medium, or large. Since the early days of fitted baseball caps, technology has advanced considerably and they’ve become easier to wear and better able to withstand the pressures of daily life.

Fitted baseball caps combine functionality with style, making them the ideal option for a diverse range of people. A fitted baseball cap is frequently the first pick when it comes to hats for sports, fashion, work attire, or informal wear.

What is an adjustable cap?

An adjustable “ONE SIZE FITS ALL” cap is a popular option, as is an elasticised “ONE SIZE FITS ALL” headwear. It has the same function as the fitted cap by fitting snuggly to your head and then being adjusted at the rear.

Adjustable caps are a popular option for team sports and have certain practical uses. Adjustable caps are frequently preferred by guys and women with long hair since they may put their hair up inside the cap’s back hole and wear it out the front.

The Adjustable caps are a popular style, and they are sometimes more cost-effective fitted caps. Furthermore, the customer does not need to be concerned about measurements or sizes before making a purchase. Instead, they may simply buy one and start wearing it, knowing that it will fit their head if needed.

The snapback hat is just one of many adjustable cap styles. The snapback hat’s buttons may be slammed in the back to alter the closure.

Yupoong Adjustable caps provide a huge choice of designs and brands, many of which are designed for the Yupoong brand. The extensive collection of Yupoong Adjustable caps maximizes style, comfort, and durability with options for every taste and preference.

Fitted hat vs adjustable 

There are also other distinctions between fitted caps and adjustable and snapback caps, including the adaptable feature at the rear of the cap.

The front panel is one of the most important aspects. The front panel of a regular snapback will be somewhat stiffer than a fitted hat’s. This makes it less malleable. A stronger front panel on a snapback hat allows for more prominent branding displays, such as brand logos or team names, to be shown.

A snapback hat has a different brim angle than a fitted or adjustable cap. A snapback hat will usually have a 90-degree angle between the brim and the rest of the cap, making the front panel more apparent.

Which type of cap is best for your brand? 

Fitted and adjustable caps are both quite useful. With today’s manufacturing processes, they provide a high degree of durability and attractiveness and are suitable for a variety of applications.

The best cap for you will be determined by your own preferences and the market segments in which you wish to promote your business. Our flexible fit fitted cap is ideal for action sports advertising, but our adjustable YP Classics snapback hat would be better suited to a streetwear brand.

A Flexfit fitted cap has a more pleasant fit thanks to a flexible sweatband and fabric, while an adjustable cap allows you to adjust the size manually.

Industry-leading fitted and adjustable caps 

Yupoong Flexfit is a leading global brand of branded caps, individualized baseball caps, and other headwear. Our custom overseas cap program puts you in control.

In the world, we’re recognized as the biggest headwear business, thanks to our creative vision and high-quality products. We’ve created ground-breaking manufacturing processes, product innovation, and technology. Our branded caps have a well-deserved reputation for flawless quality.

We provide excellent customer service, and our track record is based on our ability to deliver. We give high levels of customer care whenever you need it, thanks to a team of specialists across the EMEI region.

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