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Everything You Should Know About Dealing With Alopecia Areata
Everything You Should Know About Dealing With Alopecia Areata

Health Care

Everything You Should Know About Dealing With Alopecia Areata

Alopecia areata is a common skin disorder that is characterized by hair loss that usually occurs in patches and is most often noticed on the scalp. The bald patches appear with no prior warning and tend to only affect a limited area. Hair is said to grow back within 12 months, but for some individuals, this problem can persist. This condition can be more severe and lead to total baldness or even the loss of body hair. Seek the alopecia areata treatment in Pune, where you can find experienced hair surgeons and state-of-the-art technology.

When the body has an autoimmune reaction where the immune system attacks the cells within your own body, it can cause alopecia. The cells under attack here are the hair follicles, especially those within the scalp.

Genetic factors are a common cause of alopecia areata, and the chances of having it will increase if an individual has a long family history of pattern balding. Apart from this, other factors can also cause this disorder in people.


Some known causes of alopecia areata include:

The disease occurs when white blood cells invade the cells in hair follicles, causing them to shrink and hair development to slow dramatically. It’s unclear what triggers the immune system to attack hair follicles in this manner.

Although scientists are uncertain why these changes occur, it appears that genetics play a role, as alopecia areata is more likely to occur in someone who has a close relative with this disease. According to studies, one in five members who are diagnosed with this condition is observed to have at least one close relative with the same condition.

According to some studies, most individuals with a genetic history of alopecia areata often have a family history of other autoimmune disorders, such as atopy, a hyperallergic condition, thyroiditis, and vitiligo. These disorders can cause further rapid deterioration of hair follicles and promote accelerated hair loss.

Cancer medication and treatment have shown to have some role to play in causing hair loss. Few cancer patients who were treated with a drug known as nivolumab were observed to develop alopecia. However, in this case, alopecia is considered a good sign as it indicates that the medication is working against cancer.


Alopecia areata causes small circular or oval patches of baldness on the scalp in its most common form. The bald spots appear to be smooth and regular, and in most cases, there are typically no other signs on the scalp. Mild itching, tingling, tenderness, or a burning sensation can occur in the affected area occasionally.

Alopecia areata patients may also have irregularities on the surface of their fingernails, such as small pits or dents, grooves, superficial cracking, or an irregular region of redness.

Hair loss may affect the entire scalp or the entire body, including the eyebrows, eyelashes, beard, underarm hair, and pubic hair in rare and more extreme cases.


Your doctor will normally diagnose alopecia areata by looking at the places where you’re losing hair and listening to the symptoms. Your doctor may gently pull the hair near the edge of the bald area to see if they fall out easily and inspect them for any root or shaft’s structural abnormalities for more evidence.

If there are further complications with finding the right diagnosis, your doctor might perform a small skin biopsy to get confirmation.


Though there is no permanent remedy for alopecia areata, there are several treatments that can help to stop the body’s autoimmune reaction in the scalp and promote hair development. The most common initial treatment for small areas of alopecia is a series of corticosteroid injections into the bald patches to suppress the immune response.

High-dose topical preparations applied to the affected areas can help some people with this condition. Topical minoxidil can also promote hair growth by speeding up the natural hair cycle, increasing the diameter of newly growing hairs. If corticosteroids do not have the desired results, a variety of other treatments may be attempted. A short course of oral corticosteroids and immunotherapy are two examples.

Your care will be determined by several factors, including your age, the extent of your hair loss, and your ability to cope with any pain or side effects associated with the treatment. If you have moderate hair loss, you can simply change your hairstyle or wear a hairpiece to hide the bald spot.

If you have lost a lot of hair on your scalp, you may want to wear a wig or a hairpiece before your treatment takes effect. If you have a noticeable loss of brow hair, injections of tiny dots of colored pigments into the brow region may be an option to consider.

No matter what treatment you’re considering, alopecia areata treatment in Pune gives better results. Ensure that you make the best decision for yourself and your condition.

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