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Everything You Need to Know About RaceDeck Flooring
Everything You Need to Know About RaceDeck Flooring

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Everything You Need to Know About RaceDeck Flooring

According to one study, about 45% of people who have a garage door enter their homes that way.

If you’re using your garage a lot, you should think about installing RaceDeck flooring. But what is it, and what are the benefits?

Thankfully, we have the perfect guide to help you out, so make sure you keep reading!

What is RaceDeck Flooring?

These types of garage floor tiles have been around for a while, but RaceDeck has been the best option. They have over thirty years of experience, and they give you different sizes, shapes, toughness, and colors to choose from.

These tiles can hold up to 80,000 pounds because of the structure and design of each tile. That makes it perfect for garages, but you could also install it in shop floors, basements, trade show exhibits, and hangars for aircraft.

They also designed it to be resistant to brake fluid, antifreeze, gasoline, and other harsh chemicals.

These tiles interlock with each other, so if you need to remove them, you can use a putty knife to pull them apart. You can also cut them with a utility knife, table saw, or a jigsaw to customize them to fit your space.

Unlike other types of flooring, these tiles don’t smell either. They don’t’ have any toxic chemicals in them, so you won’t have to smell any strong adhesives in your garage.


Modular flooring is great because it can cover up any spills and make your garage more aesthetically pleasing.

RaceDeck flooring is great because you don’t need to hire someone to come out and install it. You can just do everything on your own because it was engineered to be for DIYers. All you have to do is arrange the tiles on top of the existing floor.

It’s much easier than choosing a color to re-plaster your concrete floor. It will also last a lot longer than concrete and won’t crack.

These tiles also come with a feature that will drain any liquids off of them. That way, they’re safer because they won’t be slippery when they’re wet either.

They’re also very customizable, and they come in three main sizes. You can get a 12, 24, or 48-inch tile to fit whatever look and garage size you have.

Different Types

If you’ve decided that you want to install this kind of flooring, you’ll need to figure out what kind of flooring options to get.

They have many options to choose from, but here are a few of their most popular options.

RaceDeck Free-Flow

The Free-flow tiles will be great if you are going to be working with a lot of liquids. These are the best ones to drain any liquid to make sure it doesn’t pool up.

These come in different colors, so you can still have them be decorative while also functional.

RaceDeck Diamond and XL

The Diamond and XL were the first styles that actually came out. They are the most popular options because they have a classic look, but they’re also very durable.

The diamond is also very sturdy, and it’ll protect the tiles from any heavy equipment or damages.

These tiles also come in thirteen different colors, and they come in sizes 18” by 18”.

Free-Flow XLC

Free-Flow XLC is another step up from the Free-Flow model. These are larger, sized at 18” by 18”. These also come with self-draining surfaces, but they’re also slip-resistant.

These tiles are also a little bit thicker, and they’re around ¾”. However, they only come in one color, but you can use them with other models as well.


After you’ve picked out what type of tile you want, you can then start to choose your accessories and upgrades. For example, some people want the look of carpet in their garage, so you can upgrade to that.

You might also want to install panels that will cushion your feet when you’re standing for a while. This technology is called ShockTower.

They also have some great technology called AccuPark, which will help you guide your car when you’re parking it.


You’ll only be able to find this flooring at specialty stores rather than local ones.

You can still try and shop around to compare the RaceDeck flooring price, but you may want to check online as well.

For example, the Diamond model can sometimes retail around $8 per tile. If you get the AccuPark upgrade, it can cost you around $50 per tile.

How to Install

These are actually easy to install, even if you’re not experienced with installing flooring. All you’ll need is a good broom and a knife.

Ensure that you clean out the garage before you put any tiles down so that you don’t have any bumps or issues.

You’ll then take the knife and cut the tiles to make them fit in your space. These tiles come with a PowerLock system that you can use to interlock tiles to make sure they don’t move.

If one of the tiles does get damaged and needs to be replaced, you can easily cut it away and then add in a new one.

Learn More About RaceDeck Flooring

These are only a few things to consider about RaceDeck Flooring, but many more factors to keep in mind.

We know that doing any home renovation project can be overwhelming, but we’re here to help you out.

If you enjoyed this article, make sure that you explore our website to find more articles just like this one.

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