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Canceling a Holiday Inn Club Vacations Timeshare
Canceling a Holiday Inn Club Vacations Timeshare

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Everything You Need to Know About Canceling a Holiday Inn Club Vacations Timeshare

Timeshares have a bad reputation of being something else when you buy and completely different from what it seems before buying. One might be tempted to buy a timeshare because of glamorous marketing but it hardly matches with what people expected it to be.

Hidden fees and installments can make anyone dizzy. Some timeshares even come with an upfront fee of over $20,000, and then there is a maintenance fee annually. It is seriously too much for anyone.

Most of the time, people buy the timeshares at Holiday Inn Club vacations but soon realize their mistake. Eventually, they conclude that it is not right for their financials in the long run. Because it comes with a heavy financial burden, people want to get out of it as soon as possible.

Once you are back from vacation, you must be thinking about how to get out of the timeshare agreement. Well, if you have a timeshare contract and you don’t want to be a part of it anymore,  we have gathered five things you should know about canceling your timeshare.

1-      Act As Soon As Possible

Time is of the essence but in the case of a timeshare, you must act on your instinct of getting out of the timeshare contract as soon as possible. The reason for doing that is some states have made specific laws that can give you a grace period to get out of your contract. If you happen to be in the grace period, canceling your timeshare could be done safely. But if you don’t act timely, it is only going to add more and more cost.

2-      Hire a Timeshare Cancellation Company

Although you bought this contract on your own and didn’t have to call your lawyer, you should know that you can’t cancel it alone. You need somebody who knows the legal details of this and someone who can find you a way to get out of the contract while keeping your money safe. For such reasons, people hire timeshare cancellation companies. These companies have experience in these matters and can offer their services for the right price. Their lawyers are going to help you contain the damage in a smooth setting. So, try Google and look for nearby trustworthy and great timeshare cancellation company immediately.

3-      The Contract Needs to be Legally Canceled

Continuing the third point with the fact that a timeshare contract is secured so it needs to be legally canceled. If you do something off the books, it is not going to be adequately canceled. So, hiring an attorney or a firm can ensure that you are not liable further if something does or doesn’t happen to it.

4-      Watch Out for Scammers

The truth is that all timeshare salespeople are manipulative. Whether they say things or promise you anything, know they are only trying to manipulate you. Everything is going to be different when you have signed a contract. They might not even pick your phones because they are like that.

But beware of these salesmen. Sometimes, they are the ones selling you phony timeshare contracts. These are not even real. They will make up anything to sell but one should be aware that these are scams.  These companies don’t even exist. So, make a quick search on Google and find out if the company is real. If it seems fishy, leave it and don’t interact with them anymore. If you buy without doing research, you are going to have to pay hefty bills.

5-      Timeshare Companies will Try to Make You Stay

Although you find the timeshare contract such a waste of your money, the timeshare companies will try to make you stay because it is their business. They would offer you something cooler than the previous one so that you don’t want you to get out of your contract.

They might offer some special incentives in front of you or offer to lower your payments but don’t get caught in the sweet talk because it is a trap to lure you into their business. Listen to your timeshare cancellation agent and get out of the timeshare contract. Try to sell it back to the resort and you won’t lose your money

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