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Does WordPress Provide Hosting
Does WordPress Provide Hosting

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Does WordPress Provide Hosting?

The WordPress content management system, is designed to make managing and developing all kinds of websites easy. It is one of the fastest-growing and leading CMS available globally. Reports show that WordPress powers about 37% of all active websites.

For those wondering if WordPress offers hosting. Well, the simple answer is Yes! They do offer free web hosting through their official site. However, if you are running a professional website, you may want to reconsider launching your website on this platform. Instead, it would be best to go for the paid and more comprehensive platform. This type of WordPress hosting Canada is usually sponsored by a hosting company, which comes at a price.

To better understand whether or not WordPress provides hosting, let’s first dive into what and are and what they offer.

Difference Between WordPress.Com and WordPress.Org

The major difference between and is who is responsible for hosting your website. allows personal web hosting, which means you’ll host the website you’ve created. It involves purchasing a personal web hosting service and installing the WordPress software on the purchased web hosting plan. In addition, offers more freedom; it allows the website owner to customize themes and plugins, customize domain addresses, and monetize the website via advertisement placement.

On the other hand, with, WordPress handles the whole process of creating a website. Though it offers limited freedom, is more beginner-friendly. allows users to register an account, subscribe to an available plan, develop content, and select an available theme on the platform for their web design. Using doesn’t require purchasing a separate web hosting service.

WordPress Hosting Plans

Subscribing to the right hosting plan is vital because it affects web security, web traffic, and website uptime. It’s important to choose a hosting plan to satisfy your website’s needs. Here are some of the most prevalent types of WordPress hosting plans;

  • Shared Hosting

A shared hosting plan allows multiple websites to share a single server; your website will share a server with other clients. It’s one of the most affordable plans, with a subscription fee as low as $2 per month. It’s also suitable for starter websites with lower website traffic. In addition, most shared hosting plans offer one-click installations for WordPress to allow easy use and buildup. Shared hosting companies are usually responsible for maintenance, configuration, and other technical areas.

  • Managed WordPress Hosting

Here, the services are managed by the hosting providers. The hosting companies handle the technical aspects for users. The server configuration, which includes unlimited MySQL databases and compatibility with multiple PHP versions, is done by the WordPress hosting service provider. Also, the managed WordPress hosting provider offers automatic WordPress hosting backups and updates.

Furthermore, managed WordPress hosting plans offer better security and better performance, and they come with pre-installed plugins for performance optimization.

  • Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a new type of hosting that uses a cluster of cloud infrastructure instead of storing data on a physical server. It offers better security because it doesn’t share servers with other websites. With cloud hosting, there’s great uptime because whenever a server breaks down, another server will replace it to ensure that the website keeps functioning. It’s suitable for websites with high traffic as it is created to withstand high traffic without breaking down. It offers several benefits to web owners looking for stability and scalability at an affordable price.

  • Optimized WordPress Hosting

The Optimized WordPress Hosting plan comes with pre-installed WordPress hosting, WordPress expert support, WordPress optimized servers, and built-in WordPress security. It’s quite easy to use, and the subscription fee is affordable.

  • Virtual Private Servers

The Virtual Private Servers (VPS) plan is similar to shared hosting but with a twist. Here you have a virtual dedicated server to yourself. However, this server will be in a shared hosting environment.

VPS hosting offers space allocation and better security than most other hosting plans.

Importantly, it allows web admins to have increased control levels and higher customization at a lower price.

Benefits Of WordPress Managed Hosting

  • Better Security

WordPress hosting uses servers that are reinforced against specified WordPress threats. It also provides a team dedicated to maintaining security and safety.

  • Improved performance

WordPress hosting offers pre-configured web features that fast-track the website setup process. The servers used help improve uptime and loading times.

  • Automatic updates

WordPress hosting allows websites to receive automatic upgrades and updates. It also offers security packages that can be added to all the websites on the server simultaneously

  • Support

The WordPress hosting service offers customer service support to WordPress hosting users. Once they are contacted for any issue concerning WordPress hosting, they’ll expertly resolve the issue.

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