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Different Ideas for Your Wedding Reception Party
Different Ideas for Your Wedding Reception Party

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Different Ideas for Your Wedding Reception Party

How about a wedding reception that is a little different from your traditional wedding reception?

There are endless ideas for your reception. Would you like to have a selection of carnival games? Or, how about playing poker on the second floor of your venue during cocktail hour?

Wedding receptions don’t have to be boring!

Remember that your wedding is a chance to celebrate the union of your happily married couple. The guests will be more interested in you if they feel that you have a unique way of celebrating.

Be creative and think of ways to help them feel welcome and well-treated during the reception.

Making Your Wedding Reception Memorable

Having a wedding reception that doesn’t fit the norm is a great way to stand out. You want your guests to remember your special day and help you to feel special.

How can you do this? By creating something unique and memorable for them!

Wedding in the Morning, Party in the Evening

One way to do this is by getting married during the morning or early afternoon and having a party in the evening.

An example of this would be a backyard wedding followed by a night reception in a hall or banquet room.

Planning a wedding that goes from day to night will help your guests enjoy all the activities available during the wedding and reception like games, food, drinks, dancing, entertainment, etc.

Wacky Decorations

Decorating your venue is a great way to stay unique.

Keep decorations unique by decorating with items that are not normally used for weddings.

For example, Doughnut walls or pop-up photo booths with props, or even a chocolate fountain with white chocolate are all unique ideas that aren’t done very often.

DIY Decorations

Most venues will allow you to decorate with items that you bring with you. Use this opportunity to get creative.

If you have a friend who is talented in painting, ask them if they can make wedding signs for your reception that are different from the ones at your ceremony.

Silk flowers are another great DIY decoration idea. These are a great way to save money and make your reception look more expensive!

Games Galore

Another way to make your wedding reception different is to have lots of games going on throughout the night. Games are great for evening receptions because they are fun for everyone to attend.

If you have a venue that has a large room, like an event space, then you can play games like:

  • Musical Bingo
  • Pin the Tail on the Donkey
  • Dance Battle

Add Some Spontaneity

Adding something unexpected to your wedding reception is a great way to remind your guests that the celebration isn’t over yet!

You can do this by having a fun activity suddenly happen. Or, you can have an entertainment show.

Here are some examples of how you could add spontaneity to your wedding reception:

  • Have someone dance when you cut the cake.
  • Start a conga line after dinner.
  • Split everyone up into groups and have them play games together.

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