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Decoding The Differences Between Lightweight
Decoding The Differences Between Lightweight


Decoding The Differences Between Lightweight v/s Heavyweight Cricket Bat

Cricket is an immensely popular game across the globe. The process of manufacturing cricket bats has evolved over time. Now, the players have the choice between choosing a light weight bat or the heavy one. But which is the appropriate one? Here we have come up with the differences between the two, so you can choose the best bat for T20 to hit more sixes and fours on the field. Let’s get started.

Why Choose A Lightweight Cricket Bat?

If you want to generate power with your stroke, it is best to go for a lightweight cricket bat. It has been found that lightweight bats are possible to swing nearly 10% quicker as compared to heavy-weight bats. It is the reason the ball comes off the bat approximately 8% faster than it would have come with the heavier bats.

Another study has concluded that the swing speed of the bat has the power to increase the velocity of the ball by up to 22 miles per hour.

There is no denying the fact that a heavy bat increases the velocity of the ball when you hit it, but the swing speed of the bat influences the velocity and distance of hit more as compared to the weight of the bat.

If you are a player who doesn’t believe in relying on physical strength or prefers playing the shot where you have to react quickly to the pace of the ball, you should use the lightweight bat.

Why Choose A Heavyweight Cricket Bat?

Players who love to hit the ball to the boundary like to go for the heavy bats as they are able to generate more power than the lighter ones. It means that even if the batsman mis-times a stroke off a bowler, they can still generate enough power to their shots to hit four or a six. It is   necessary to have stronger arms and wrists to get the best shot with the heavier bat.

Which One Is Better?

If you can swing both the bats at nearly the same speed, consider buying a heavyweight bat because it will give you more power. You can customize cricket bats online from a reliable online store. The perfect bat is the one that comes with a large profile but is lightweight. Keep in mind that batting involves science which needs to be understood.

Choosing the right bat depends on person to person, the player’s technique, and grip. Moreover, some players are of the notion that they feel more confident holding a heavy bat in their hand. While others like to hold something lighter as they believe heavyweight weighs them down. All in all, it’s all about the preferences of the individuals.

To Sum It Up

History has evidence that earlier, the batsmen preferred using lightweight bats. But as the cricketers worked towards making themselves physically bigger and stronger, the rise of heavy bats started coming up. Ultimately, it’s all about personal choices and the one who is holding the bat. So, choose the right one and hit the best runs on the field.

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