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Debunking the Most Common Social Security Disability Insurance Myths
Debunking the Most Common Social Security Disability Insurance Myths


Debunking the Most Common Social Security Disability Insurance Myths

Do you have a disability? Are you facing economic hardships because of your disability? You might qualify for Social Security Disability benefits.

Are you seeking to apply for Social Security Disability insurance? There are several things you should know about. Myths about this type of insurance are abundant.

Don’t believe everything you hear. You need to read this article. We’ll debunk the most common Social Security Disability insurance myths.

Why Bother Applying, I’ll Get Denied

A common myth concerns claim denial. Did you hear from a friend or family member whose claim was denied? This might persuade you from applying.

The truth is that the Social Security Administration has strict standards. The process is rigorous. The agency has this process to make sure the applicant does have a disability and isn’t able to work.

You should apply. If the agency determines you do have a disability, you’ll receive the benefits.

Social Security Disability Insurance Will Replace Most of My Work-Related Income

The payments you’ll receive will not replace all your work-related income. The payments are modest, so don’t plan to spend all the money. Use the money on essentials.

For 2021, the monthly max amount for an eligible individual is $794. For an eligible individual with an eligible spouse, the amount is $1,191.

Social Security Disability insurance is a safety net. It’s for people who can’t work regularly.

If you’re on Social Security Disability insurance, it doesn’t mean you’ll be on it for the rest of your life. The Social Security Administration will review your case every so often. This is done to determine if you continue to qualify for a disability check.

If My Doctor Says I Have a Disability, It Guarantees I Qualify 

The likelihood of you getting approved for this benefit isn’t a medical one. It’s a legal one. The Social Security Administration will decide if you qualify.

The agency will review the information your doctor provides them. You must make sure you have a credible doctor. Your doctor will have to provide honest information.

If I Get Denied, I Can’t Apply Again

If you get denied, you can still apply again. It’s common for applicants to get denied the first time they apply.

Don’t get your hopes down if this happens to you. Don’t get frustrated either.

You can hire a disability lawyer to file an appeal. A disability lawyer knows the ins and outs of this area of law.

If you’re looking to hire a disability lawyer. This local law firm has some of the best lawyers who focus on case litigation.

Get Social Security Disability Insurance Now

You can’t work because of a disability? You should apply for Social Security Disability insurance. This benefit provides aid to help you make ends meet.

Don’t get discouraged by all the myths out there. If you need help applying, you should hire a disability lawyer from the best law firm in your area.

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