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Creating the Best Custom Coin for Your Business
Creating the Best Custom Coin for Your Business


Creating the Best Custom Coin for Your Business

The history of challenge coins remains a bit murky, but generally gets credited to US military personnel. While unofficial, the coins provide a way to acknowledge performance and boost morale. Business owners can learn from this tradition.

Since most businesses only support a small staff, handing out challenge coins on a regular basis isn’t practical. You can use them as way to commemorate major milestones or key moments in your business. The trickiest part, of course, is the design of your custom coin.

If you’re thinking you’d like to do a custom coin for your business but worry about the design, keep reading for some key tips on making your coin a reality.

The Why

The core of the design process should begin with the why behind the coin. Did your company just have its first million-dollar year? Maybe you just celebrated your five-year anniversary.

Whatever the event is, you should commemorate that on the coin. Let’s say you beat the odds and stayed open for five years. Your coin could feature a five or the Roman numeral for five: V.

What if you cracked the million dollar mark? You could keep it simple with the dollar sign, $, or get specific with something like $1M. These symbols routinely go in the center of the coin.

Business/Team Identity

You also want something on the coin that denotes the business identity. Following the format common in the military, you’d likely put the name around the edge of the coin at the top.

What if you want to single out a specific team for exceptional work on a project? You can go with things like Marketing Team or Sales Team along the edge at the bottom of the coin. If want to go all out, you can even get personalized coins for each team member that include their names.

Shapes and Colors

You can get custom-made challenge coins with specific colors and shapes. If you want to keep the coins on-brand, you can go with your business’s brand colors.

Does your business use a specific image for its logo? You can get a coin made that features the outline of that logo image.

Of course, you must also source the coins from a challenge coin business, such as Always inquire with the company ahead of time if you want custom shapes or colors included on your coins.

Is a Custom Coin Right for Your Business?

A custom coin isn’t the right choice for every business. For example, a business with a high turnover rate like a restaurant might not benefit from a challenge coin. For a business with a comparatively stable staff, though, it’s a tangible way that you can show appreciation for major achievements.

When you look at the design elements, focus on the why of the coin. Include the business name. If you’re especially impressed with a team, single them out on the coin itself.

Looking for more business management tips and tricks? You can find them in our Business section.

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