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Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies You Can Learn From Amazon’s Product Listings
Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies You Can Learn From Amazon’s Product Listings

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Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies You Can Learn From Amazon’s Product Listings

Inspired by Amazon – one of the largest e-commerce sites today, I present you with the nine conversion rate optimization strategies you can steal from Amazon’s product listings.

Facebook doesn’t reveal how they optimize their ads. In addition, although Google has begun to provide some preliminary information about how they optimize web visibility for search engines, no SEO expert can apply their advice. Fortunately, Amazon is something very different.

They allow you to learn how they present and optimize product listings to increase conversion rates; You can apply their tactics.

We do not encourage copying Amazon’s tactics precisely because it is not a wise and solid strategy. Through this article, we just want to show what they are doing and why they do it. Then, all you need to do is apply that knowledge to your business creatively.

If you are inexperienced, visit and let the experts do it for you.

Why Is Conversion Rate Optimization So Important To A Successful Amazon Strategy?

Basically, Amazon is a point of sale. A great point of sale allows users to find the right product for their needs in the fastest time possible. Therefore, Amazon always needs to know which products are most likely to satisfy customers’ needs.

A higher conversion rate not only allows the product to generate more revenue from the amount of traffic. It also enhances the presence of products on Amazon’s promotional media and search space.

A higher conversion rate also helps increase impressions, which leads to more traffic, and as a result, you can get more customer reviews and drive sales. That’s why all Amazon sellers need conversion rate optimization.

In short, higher conversion rates give Amazon sellers a competitive advantage.

9 Conversion Rate Optimization Tactics You Can Learn From Amazon’s Product Listings

1. Highlight Salient Features

It’s true to say that emphasizing a product’s salient features is the most basic sales tactic.

This is included to ensure that every customer is buying the right product they need; This is especially important for hardware,  electronics, or any other type of technical product. So, it is best to include the most critical specifications in the product title.

2. Persuade With Key Attributes

A great title allows the customer to realize the key benefits of the product.

Let’s look at the following example:Persuade With Key AttributesBlink team has highlighted the quality of recordings (HD ), reliability, and maintenance (two-year Battery Life). Moreover, they also mention cloud storage as their significant competitive advantage.

3. Simplify The Title

Complexity is sometimes not the best option. The product’s title should be as concise as possible; Make sure it is informative enough to tell you what the product is, what color it is, etc.

This may not be suitable for all products. If your product doesn’t have many models or customers are not interested in the specifics, a brief title is the best.

3. Improve Product Image

Product images are critical to Amazon marketing as they allow customers to access the product easily. The proof is that about 90% of customers decide to make a purchase based on images.

Your product images should help customers answer the following questions:

  • What your product looks like?
  • Who is your product for?
  • How is your product used?
  • How does the product work?
  • What does it come with?

4. Consolidate Variations To Reduce Buyer Effort

Amazon offers a variety of models, colors, and sizes; They also use the parent-child relationship feature to make it easier for buyers to shop.

Many Amazon sellers divide their products into separate listings; Unfortunately, it is a big mistake! In fact, This makes it difficult for customers to find the products they need.

Instead, we recommend consolidating all product types into one page; This makes it easier for customers to complete their purchases. As a result, the conversion rate is improved.

5. Keep Copy Transactional & Concise

Let’s take a look at the following example:

Keep Copy Transactional & ConciseIn this case, the Ring Video Doorbell listing made a convincing argument by highlighting advantages such as:

  • Compatibility
  • Provide a free trial.

Furthermore, they apply concise language with a touch of flair.

Many sellers underestimate the power of this approach; It is a big mistake! There is no doubt that this can boost customer motivation to buy.

6. Emphasize Features of Functional Products

In most cases, the seller wants to communicate the benefits and features of the product, such as how it will make the buyer healthier, happier, wealthier, and more.

Not every product can come with these claims. However, no matter what your products are, shoppers always want to know if your products are what they need.

For example, if you are selling technical products, it is essential to provide specifications such as color, size, features, capacity, notes.

7. Simple Product Doesn’t Need Embellishing

If your product is simple and easy to understand, it is good to provide the necessary information.

Simple Product Doesn't Need EmbellishingAmazon does not try to overuse flowery language nor try to use the full character count. That means Amazon understands what customers want to know.

8. Leverage Comparison Tables to Aid Decision Making

The comparison table allows customers to research, compare and build confidence in purchasing decisions. There is no denying that this factor will increase the customer’s confidence, which drives them to complete the transaction.

Leverage Comparison Tables to Aid Decision Making9. Unpopular Brands Need to Communicate Their Story

Well-known brands, such as Amazon, will not need to introduce who they are or how reputable they are. Conversely, if your brand is not widely known, it is essential to communicate its story.

It is best to start with some of the following popular brand communication tactics:

  • History
  • About the founder
  • Credibility
  • Reliable
  • Moral principles
  • Prize
  • Testimonials
  • And more


So, by the end of this article, you have seen the critical role of conversion rate and conversion rate optimization tactics that you can steal from Amazon’s product listings.

In addition to optimizing product listings with Amazon SEO, you also need to focus on optimizing product title, using product variations & selling features intelligently, enhancing brand content, and more.

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