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Church Events You Can Do This Fall
Church Events You Can Do This Fall


Church Events You Can Do This Fall

Around 70% of Americans are Christians, which shows it’s the dominant religion in the U.S.

One of the best ways to celebrate our faith is attending church events throughout the year, especially during fall. Perhaps you’ve got your calendar ready, but you’re not sure which events will work well with attendees.

Sounds familiar? Don’t worry; you’ve come to the right place. Here are the top church events to consider.

Bake Sale

There’s no better way to start building community than inviting everyone to attend a bake sale. Ask families to whip up their favorite cupcakes and donuts to raise money for the church or a local charity.

You can even turn this family fun event into a competition by crowning the attendee with the best-baked goods as the winner.

Scarecrow Relay Race

One of the top fall festival activities is hosting a scarecrow relay race. Ask volunteers to bring along two bare scarecrows and set them at a good distance apart, so each contestant has to run back and forth.

Give the teams the scarecrow’s full outfit, including a shirt, bandana, pants, and a straw hat. Ask each group to wait at the starting line and gradually dress the scarecrow until the first one wins.

Puppet Show 

An incredible event for growing church participation is a puppet show. You can use characters from the Bible to play out different chapters. For instance, Noah’s Ark or David and Goliath are great stories for the little ones to interact with.

Further, this gives you a chance to meet new churchgoers. If you’re overwhelmed by the new attendees, use management software for churches to help streamline the process.

Pumpkin Decorating

Looking for church activities outdoors? Then hand out mini pumpkins to each child along with stickers, glitter, and glue.

You should also give out disposable plastic aprons and give everyone 30 minutes to decorate the ultimate pumpkin. And, to make it fair, divide the competition into age groups and gift each winner a prize like a gift card or candy.

Face Painting

There’s no greater way to celebrate fall than with face paint. Regardless of whether anyone is dressed up, ask a creative churchgoer to decorate everyone’s face. And, to get everyone in the mood, try Christian-inspired face paint, so it’s an event to remember.


Make sure there’s enough space around the church so you can offer free hayrides. Several weeks before the event, ask an attendee whether they have a horse and cart, tractor, or truck they could lend for the afternoon.

You should also source plenty of hay, so it’s comfortable for the kids in the back. They will love exploring the church in this fun way.

Fall Photo Booth 

Immortalize the church fall event by sorting out a photo booth for the family. If you don’t have the budget, then hang a backdrop that embraces the fall theme. You should ask a volunteer from church to shoot photos on a polaroid, so they get instant results and plenty of memories.

“Guess How Much the Pumpkin Weighs”

Before the event, head to your local grocery store and find the largest pumpkin you can. Then, ask churchgoers to write down how much they think it weighs and keeps it in a box. Then, at the end of the event, weigh the pumpkin, and the person with the closest answer wins.

Or, if you can’t find an enormous pumpkin, fill a mason jar with candy corn and ask everyone to guess how many are there.

Create a Gift-Making Station 

Christianity is about giving back to the community, so why not incorporate this into your fall event?

You can either gather supplies and ask everyone to fill boxes with goodies that they can send out. Or, hand out stationery so churchgoers can decorate cards with a handwritten message for those in need.

Set Up a Petting Zoo 

Contact a local farmer and ask whether they could create a petting zoo on church grounds. Kids will love interacting with the furry animals. Plus, it’s a great educational experience, especially if your church is in an urban area.

Dunk Tank

Get the crowd excited by potentially dunking the pastor. This is where a volunteer sits on a collapsing seat that is over a tank of water. When one of the participants hits the target, then your pastor will make a splash!

Have a Bonfire Night

Depending on the size of the church grounds and rules, treat attendees to a bonfire night. If that’s not possible, then dot several fire pits so everyone can share stories, sing, and bond over the fun event.

It’s also a great opportunity for everyone to make s’mores and unwind after a busy day.

This Little Light of Mine

Hand out water guns to each child and place lit candles three feet away from them. The game is to extinguish each one until their gun runs out of water. And don’t forget to celebrate the winner by gifting them candy corn or cupcakes.

Treasure in a Haystack

To get kids excited, lay down small hay bales in a container and fill them with small treasures. This could be stickers, toys, and packs of candy. The goal is for the little ones to sift through the hay and find as much treasure as possible.

Try These Church Events Today

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ve found several church events to try.

There are many exciting, Christian-related ways to celebrate fall, such as hosting a bake sale or a scarecrow relay race. Kids will also love the different forms of entertainment, like taking hayrides and watching their favorite pastor in the dunk tank. What’s not to love?

Found this helpful? Awesome! Then check out the rest of our blog for more tips and tricks.

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