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Choosing the Perfect Dress Shirts for Men
Choosing the Perfect Dress Shirts for Men


Choosing the Perfect Dress Shirts for Men

Men want to look their best whenever they need to go to special or formal events. In most cases, they would spend thousands of dollars on their outfit and keep themselves groomed to ensure every inch of their body looks perfect. However, others still have trouble achieving the perfect look because they usually do not have enough experience creating a formal look.

The dress shirt is the centrepiece for any formal wear amongst the different clothing pieces. Whether you are shopping for mens shirts at Oxford Shop or digging through your local clothing store, you must find the perfect dress shirt if you want to pull off your formal attire correctly.

Tip #1: Choose a Colour That Fits Your Style

Before buying any dress shirts from a formal clothing store, you need to figure out what colour theme you want to pull off. Most of the time, formal wear always needs to have its colours uniformed because choosing bright, multiple colours can become annoying and remove the formality.

The dress shirt’s colour will also matter on which formal event you will be going to. If you plan on wearing it to a job interview, the best colours are usually off-white, light blue, and light grey are some of the safest colours. But if it is a formal party, that would be the perfect time to wear lively coloured dress shirts like bright greens and oranges.

Tip #2: Choose the Dress Shirt’s Pattern

The second tip you need to keep in mind is choosing the dress shirt’s pattern. Sometimes, wearing a plain-coloured dress shirt will not work on some occasions, especially when you want to stand out from other men. But just like with the colour, you also have to choose a dress shirt pattern that fits the occasion.

You can find that patterned or plaid dress shirts are perfect for casual occasions, laid-back office settings, and other events wherein complete formality is not a necessity. But if you are going to formal events like weddings or balls, you need to wear solid-coloured dress shirts because they are not as distracting as plaid ones.

Tip #3: Choose the Dress Shirt’s Fit

You can find that a dress shirt usually comes in three distinct types; athletic, broad, and slim fit. Note that each of them can provide some benefits, so you must learn about each one before looking for mens shirts at Oxford Shop or any other clothing store within your area. The more you learn about dress shirts, the easier it is to choose the right one if you want to widen your dress shirt collection.

An athletic dress shirt is perfect for when you want a stretchy fabric because it can help free your upper body more, providing a wider movement. However, if you favour the broad dress shirt, your upper body gets more breathing room since it uses a traditional amount of fabric. Lastly, the slim fit dress shirt is perfect whenever you want it to hug tighter around your chest and side areas.

Note that each formal event will have a theme, so your dress shirt must match the theme. No one would want to stand out the wrong way. The above-given tips can help you in choosing the right piece of clothing if borne in mind.

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