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Change Odometer Reading
Change Odometer Reading

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Change Odometer Reading – Is it Possible to Alter Mileage on New Cars?

We have achieved a lot of things thanks to ongoing scientific development. Cars have come a long way since their creation and innovative models keep coming out. But unfortunately, it’s still impossible to prevent odometer fraud. Digital odometers seemed promising as they are harder to modify, yet they also are susceptible to rollback. This means that you can even tamper with modern cars with specific tools. People usually use odometer correction devices to change the mileage data. The mileage stopper is quite different compared to all those units. Let’s continue and discover what these tools are capable of.

What makes the mileage blocker superior to the odometer correction tool?

The mileage stopper is superior to the odometer adjustment equipment as it offers more features and better performance. Not only is it tailored to the model and make of your car, but it’s also completely safe to utilize. That’s not the case with the majority of odometer correction tools on the market.

The mileage stopper offers untraceable performance

The mileage stopper stops recording the mileage in all control units. This means that the data on the odometer matches the information stored in the internal system of your vehicle. The performance of the mileage stopper can’t be detected with diagnostic testers.

The main thing to remember is that this tool is meant for testing purposes. You shouldn’t use it on public roads.

The odometer correction tool alters data on the odometer only. The mileage stored in the control units remains the same. This creates discrepancy which is quite easy to discover with professional services.

The odometer blocker is more ethical

Since the odometer blocker doesn’t alter the existing miles, it’s more ethical to use. It enables you to test the performance of your car and make sure everything operates flawlessly.

An odometer changer is an unethical tool itself as it reduces the mileage of the car. Using this software could be illegal depending on the local laws. Unlike the odometer blocker, the mileage programmer is more troublesome than useful.

What are the uses of the kilometer stopper?

What are the uses of the kilometer stopper?

You already know that the kilometer stopper is meant for testing the performance of your vehicle. But why would someone need to test the functionalities of their car?

The answer is simple – manufacturers like to present their vehicles with the brightest light possible. They tend to overemphasize certain specs and hide the flaws to make the car more marketable. The kilometer stopper can help you understand the true capabilities of the vehicle by testing it in a controlled environment.


As we’ve seen, it’s possible to change mileage with digital odometers, yet some of the available tools don’t offer perfect operation. They are easily discoverable and cause more damage than we’d like to deal with. The mileage blocker is different in the sense that it’s way more effortless. It provides us with straightforward instructions and operation. Its utilization isn’t time-consuming or overwhelming. In other words, an odometer blocker is a perfect tool for testing your car.

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