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Cement Plastering
Cement Plastering
Cement Plastering


2 Different Cement Plastering Machine Types with Explanation

What is the cement plastering machine?

A cement plastering machine is an automatic machine that replaces the work of a mason. Nowadays it is possible to plaster the wall of the whole building using a cement plastering machine.

The length of the machine may vary from wall to wall application.

Different types of cement plastering machine

There are two different types of Cement plastering machines available in the market.

1.Spraying type cement plastering machine

2. Sliding-type cement plastering machine

Spraying type cement plastering machine

In this type of cement plastering machine, there would be a nozzle through which the cement is sprayed. This machine needs a human labor effort to hold the nozzle and to change the direction.

This machine can be used to plaster any kind of walls. Even in uneven surfaces, this machine can be used and would be helpful a lot.

Wall Spraying type cement plastering machine

Image Source: Google Images

The spraying is done through the force created by an electric motor.

This machine can be operated with a 12A/220v power supply. It can run on both single-phase and three-phase supply.

The total weight would be somewhere around 150 to 175 kg. The total weight may vary from model to model.

The hose can be extended to a maximum length of 40m.

Advantages of spraying type cement plastering machine

  • Time taken to complete the plastering is low when compared with manual work.
  • Rugged and Uneven walls can also be plastered using this method.
  • One of the best ways to plaster outside of the buildings.

Disadvantages of spraying type cement plastering machine

  • For perfect finishing human effort is needed.
  • Some amount of cement is wasted but it can be reused.

Sliding-type cement plastering machine

In this type of cement plastering machine, there would be an H type assembly where the machine slides up and down through it.

The H type assembly is firmly fixed between the top and bottom walls. The cement is added in the sliding rack and the machine is made to start.

Sliding type cement plastering machine

Image Source: Google Images

This machine is also driven by an electric motor.

This machine can be operated in a single/three-phase supply. For flawless operation, the three-phase power supply is recommended.

The total weight of the machine would be around 160 to 170 kg.

By using this machine, 600-900 sqm can be cement plastered per day.

Plastering Height: 6 ft

Plastering thickness: 5-30mm

Plastering width: 1200mm

Advantages of sliding-type cement plastering machine

  • Perfect finishing is possible here.
  • Time taken to complete the wall plastering is comparatively lower than all other methods.

Disadvantages of sliding type cement plastering machine

  • This method is not suitable for plastering uneven and rugged surfaces.
  • Difficult to plaster outside of the buildings.
  • Human effort is needed to load the cement mixture.



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