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CBD vs CBN: The Differences You Need to Know

Are you interested in the industry of hemp? Well, there are some things you should understand when comparing CBD vs CBN because they are not the same.

In essence, both are cannabinoids within the hemp plant. However, each has its own unique effect profile.

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about the two so that you can finally rest easy, knowing that you will not mix either of them up.

Whenever you’re ready to learn about the benefits of CBD and CBN, keep reading.

What Is CBD?

Also known as Cannabidiol, CBD is one of the primary compounds in the hemp/cannabis plant. Some hemp plants can have CBD concentrated beyond 40%, which shows how prominent it is when compared against others.

CBN, CBD, and other cannabinoids make up the total composition of the plant. However, most people neglect others and only refer to THC and CBD.

Because CBD is so abundant in the plant, there have been plenty of studies permitted in the past decade. First and foremost, we know that CBD has some serious potential in the medical field and it can be quite useful on a consumer basis.

The trials are also the primary reason behind the popularity of CBD in the realm of cannabinoids.

How Does It Work?

The body has a very significant and complex mechanism, it’s called the endocannabinoid system. This mechanism is responsible for practically all of the functions in our body, starting with sleep, appetite, and pain regulation and going as far as immunity.

The system generates endocannabinoids, which are somewhat like neurotransmitters. They bind to the receptors in our nervous system.

CBD, when taken exogenously, also binds with the receptors and directly affects them. This leads to a variety of benefits that have garnered the publicity that CBD has.

The compound itself is known to be effective against nausea, pain, seizures, epilepsy, so on and so forth. It’s also a very powerful treatment for antibiotic-resistant bacteria by the name of MRSA.

The product also improves cognitive function in individuals who have lost their function due to some health conditions. CBD consumers are also less likely to have a stroke.

When THC is combined with CBD, it regulates the side-effects of the psychoactive component. It reduces anxiety, paranoia, and mouth dryness.

What Is CBN?

CBN, much like CBD, is another cannabinoid in the plant. It’s not as abundant, contained in only trace amounts. It’s known that the CBD quantity in the plant is more abundant when the plant is older.

Thus, aging the hemp plant is one of the best ways of achieving a CBN-prominent strain. CBN, unlike CBD, is psychoactive. However, the amount consumed is often so little, it does not come in full force.

CBN is only getting its publicity now. Studies are being done regularly, which demonstrate its unique properties from other compounds. Because of this, it’s becoming much easier to find CBN products on the market.

Just like CBD, CBN also interacts with the endocannabinoid system. It’s just as effective at binding with the receptors. However, the individual properties that it possesses mean that it will result in completely different outcomes.

How Does It Work?

CBD binds to the CB1 receptors, which influences the hormone function in your body. CBN can influence our energy, pain, mood, appetite, cognition, focus, and immune function.

There’s solid evidence that CBN results in a variety of benefits. Research is still ongoing. For example, CBN is known to result in a relaxing and sedated high when used alongside THC.

CBN is also a very powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-convulsant. It can also stimulate appetite and relieve pain, especially when combined with CBD. Individuals with sleep disorders can benefit from CBN as well.

CBN also acts as an appetite stimulant and can also relieve pain, especially when used in combination with CBD. People with sleep disorders can also benefit from this product.

CBD vs CBN: The Differences

From the information above, you can see that both compounds, CBD vs CBN, have many of the same benefits. However, the two compounds are foundational different, they are not the same.

For example, the molecules for CBN and CBD have different origins. You can find industrial hemp with lots of CBD. Whereas, the level of CBN will often be dependent on the age, and exposure of the plant to heat and light.

Hence, CBN is the by-product of THC degradation and plant oxidation. While CBD is extracted directly from a prominent plant. Also, they differ in their effects on appetite.

If CBD suppresses appetite slightly, CBN does the opposite. CBN consumers also experience sedation, CBD can do the opposite. Most users will feel somewhat alert instead of being sluggish after their CBN consumption.

Word of Caution

While the benefits of CBN and CBD are quite impressive, one must be considerably careful when using either for inflammation, pain, or other reasons.

One of the ways you can benefit from the compounds is by using them in a topical form, which can be applied to the affected locale. By doing so, you avoid the digestive system and liver, resulting in an avoidance of potential counter-interactions with other medications you might be taking.

No matter what you might be interested in the compounds for, you must consult with your medical specialist prior. You want to avoid contraindications with medications or conditions that you potentially have.

Always research the vendors you’re planning on buying from. The current growth of the industry has led to the appearance of many untrustworthy and dangerous vendors who are there to cash in and not heal the people.

For a CBD shop near me, you can use an aggregate search engine, which will list out and filter the best locations near you.

Medical Content for You

Now that you have discovered the differences between CBD vs CBN, you are finally free from the risk of mixing them up. Whether you’re buying the compounds, discussing them in conversation, you will be able to differentiate between the two and help others understand as well.

If you’re interested in a variety of other medical content, check out some of the related articles in the sidebar.

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