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5 Key Facts Every CBD User Should Know
5 Key Facts Every CBD User Should Know

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CBD Life: 5 Key Facts Every CBD User Should Know

CBD is everywhere nowadays. And with good reason. About a third of Americans have tried CBD, and one out of seven use it regularly.

Using CBD has many attractive benefits and is proven to provide relief from ailments such as chronic pain and anxiety.

But what are the facts surrounding the substance? If you’re a frequent CBD user, you may understand its benefits, but what other truths may you need to know?

Here are 5 essential CBD facts every person living the CBD life should know.

1. CBD Is Legal In 47 States

In the United States, CBD is legal in all but 3 states. Those are Iowa, Idaho, and South Dakota.

Most other states have restrictions dictating how the CBD consumer must purchase it.

If you’re interested in trying CBD or want to know if your state has any restrictions, visit your government and even the county’s website to ensure you’re following local laws and regulations.

2. CBD Is One of Over 100 Cannabinoids

CBD stands for Cannabidiol, not to be confused with Cannabinoids, which are the over 100 different isolated compounds that have been discovered in the Cannabis plant.

Some of the most popular cannabinoids are THC, CBD, CBN, and CBG.

The difference between CBD and these other compounds lies in their molecular makeup. Each produces varying effects for the endocannabinoid systems of individuals.

3. CBD Can Be Used In A Variety of Ways

While each state has its own restrictions on how its citizens can use cannabidiol, there are many ways that people have found to take the substance.

From consumable oils and gummies to topical creams and salves to pens and cartridges, CBD is widely accessible for whatever way you prefer to use it. Just be cautious of your state and county’s independent laws when purchasing.

4. CBD Is Psychoactive—But Not Intoxicating

To claim that CBD is not a psychoactive compound would be untrue. CBD does affect your mind and behavior when you use it; however, it does not produce the same intoxicating effects as THC.

CBD may calm the mind and body, giving it “psychoactive properties”; however, it does not produce effects that would incapacitate an individual on any level.

If anything, CBD may help some people remain functional by reducing pain, fatigue, and anxiety.

5. CBD Is Safe When Bought From Reputable Sellers

Though there is a lot of speculation about the effectiveness and safety of CBD, when bought from reputable retailers, it can be safe. Though it is still under inspection at the FDA, scientists learn new information every day.

Consult your doctor about any medications you’re taking to ensure CBD is safe for you.

Stay Informed When Living The CBD Life

Living a CBD life is full of benefits, as we’re sure you’ve realized. For those who use CBD on a regular basis for its advantageous properties, it’s now up to you to understand the facts about CBD.

Knowing the facts about CBD will help you determine the safest way to use it and share its benefits with others who may be curious about the substance.

For more health and lifestyle information, check out some of our other articles on CBD!

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