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Catalytic Heaters that Perform Well
Catalytic Heaters that Perform Well

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Catalytic Heaters that Perform Well

Whenever an industry or public building requires flameless heat, there is a safe and efficient alternative to other heat sources. That is Bruest Catalytic heaters. These heaters have many advantages including safety, freeze protection, efficiency, and more. When a company needs to heat hazardous locations, this is the best choice. These products are the most efficient new technology to prevent freezing for the long-term in difficult industrial situations.

Where Might flameless Heaters be Required?

There are many locations where freezing is a real possibility and must be avoided. Normal heaters that use pilot flames or other combustion will not work safely. Some of these installations include:

  • Instrumental freeze protection
  • Compressor Buildings
  • Metering and regulation stations
  • Transmission stations
  • Wellheads
  • Town border stations
  • Natural gas line heating
  • Oil pipelines
  • Outbuildings on industrial sites

These often remote and out in the weather locations may not be convenient to get to and need a heating solution that is engineered for efficiency and fully automated. It might need zone control for many zones and it should be compatible with class 1, Division 2, and Group D. Low operating costs and installation expenses are important to customers. The anti-freeze heating equipment must also be environmentally friendly and emit no poisonous chemicals, odors, or noises. There should be low VOCs. Look for information at

What is a Catalytic Heater?

This is a heater that utilizes the science of flameless combustion with carbon compounds containing gas or vapors. Catalytic heaters have been used for several decades for industrial applications. They get the name because of the catalyzed chemical reactions happening while molecules are broken down to produce heat. This heat-producing reaction of chemicals makes these heaters very safe for use in hazardous environments. These heaters use noble metal catalysts to convert the above fuel into flameless heat.

Fuels used in this heater category include natural gas, propane, and an electrically heated catalyst like a platinum-coated pad or plate. They also require oxygen from the surrounding air. When the three elements are properly combined at the face of the catalytic heater, they make flameless heat from turning on the device to shutting it down. Other fuels used in these heaters include butane, methane, and liquid hydrocarbon.

This type of ant-freeze device or heater only heats what it is aimed at and does not waste fuel and heat on the surrounding objects or air. This makes them economical to use.

The construction of a catalytic heater tends to be rectangular and is as follows. The heater has a metal plate at its back where gas enters through a gas orifice and is spread evenly over a catalyst pad. There is a white filter in which the gas permeates to the catalyst pad and then there is the front face of the unit with a wire mesh screen to protect the unit. Each type and model of catalytic heater has variants on this theme.

The Advantages of Catalytic Heaters

Catalytic heaters can be small and easily transportable or they can be permanently installed. They use fuels that are readily available and they operate at safer temperatures without high heat spikes that can be dangerous. They are very efficient and do not produce smoke and soot.

Catalytic systems are a cost-effective way to prevent freezing in critical regulating and metering equipment on site. They are a cost-effective way to heat meter buildings, pipelines, and platforms.

There are also catalytic heaters available for general public use such as heating RVs and workrooms and for emergency heat sources.

Types of Catalytic Heaters Available from Bruest

There are many models of catalytic heaters designed for specific purposes in the field. They include:

  1. Catalytic heater panels in many sizes and in rectangular or circular shapes. They are designed for safety, ease of use, and efficiency. They are explosion-proof.
  2. Enclosure heaters are designed to be installed around gas instruments such as regulators, meters, and valves to safely hat them and avoid moisture in surrounding air freezing and forming ice. These heaters are made of stainless steel to allow outdoor installations.
  3. Twin-Pak economical heaters for pipelines come in many sizes, configurations, and BTU ratings. They are designed for simple, quick installation in the best-sized unit for the pipeline size and heating needs. They are perfect for limited spaces at gate stations, gas filtration plants, and locations with challenges.
  4. Hotcat natural gas line heating units use heater panels for a heat source and concert fuel gas to CO2, infrared heat, and water vapor. Electric power is in its process to preheat the catalyst at the start of the process. They can be purchased with either manual or automated control systems.
  5. Freeze-Fitter gas heaters for fuel and instruments heat low volumes of gas used in pilot regulators and other instruments. They operate like the other catalytic heaters with a power source supply required to heat the catalytic pads. Power that is applied for 15 to 20 minutes before the gas is added. This power is not needed after the normal operation is established.
  6. LD/CNG let down and decanting systems prevent freezing in natural gas lines by introducing heat into the gas stream so sensitive instruments do not freeze up. These heaters provide zero emissions and keep the letdown stations safe and environmentally acceptable. They offer multiple packaging, starting power, and control options for users. The smallest system weighs in at under 60 pounds and there are skid mounting options for larger units.
  7. Custom-designed units to fit special industrial applications. The company engineers can use the customer’s specifications to build custom solutions for the unique needs of the industry.

For the best solutions to industrial needs for anti-freezing solutions, call a dependable catalytic heater manufacturer with exact specifications. There will be a design process and a price quote for each product requested. Allow time for the engineers to design the perfect solution and to custom manufacture it when the plans are approved. It is important to use the safest, most efficient means to keep these industrial applications from freezing and causing an interruption in flow or services.

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