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Can You Convert CBD Flower to Delta 8
Can You Convert CBD Flower to Delta 8


Can You Convert CBD Flower to Delta 8?

The answer to this question is a simple Yes – you can convert CBD Flower to Delta 8 as long as you have some basic knowledge about the components involved. The conversion takes place when the mixture is exposed to an ideal environment. However, since the chemicals needed to catalyze the process are caustic in nature, they produce toxic byproducts.

So, only if you have a background in organic chemistry should you carry out the conversion.

Converting CBD to Delta 8 Using the Reactor Method:

This advanced method is highly efficient and scalable, but it sacrifices safety at the cost of optimizing for cost and efficiency. So you must follow it only if you’re a professional chemist.

Step 1: Dissolve CBD Isolate in a Solvent

Delta 8 THC isomerization works the best on distillates and isolates such as pure CBD. For converting solid CBD into a liquid, you need a solvent.

When converting CBD to delta 8 THC, water makes all the difference. If it’s there, it’ll produce a higher concentration of delta 8. So, you must use toluene solvent as it dissolves the water, thus increasing the overall efficiency. Similarly, if you’re making delta 9 THC, solvents with little to no moisture are ideal.

Step 2: Use Acid to Catalyze the Reaction

When converting CBD Flower into delta 8, your choice of acid plays a key role. As you’re going to get a little bit of every THC in the final product, use Bronsted acids for producing only delta 8 THC. Some other common catalysts used are p-TSA monohydrate, T41 bentonite clay, etc.

After selecting the acid, mix it with the CBD and solvent mixture, and leave it for a few hours.

Step 3: Neutralize the Acid

The next step is to neutralize the acid using sodium bicarbonate, distilled water, and brine water. Add washes in an equal ratio and mix them in a funnel. Now let it sit for some time so that the aqueous and organic phases separate and then remove the aqueous phase and continue with the next wash.

After the fourth wash, test a sample to ensure that no acid is left.

Step 4: Eliminate the Solvent

Now remove the solvent by using the rotary evaporator, which pushes out the solvent from the solution, leaving only cannabinoids. If something goes wrong, chances are you didn’t thoroughly remove all the acid or use pure chemicals.

Step 5: Purify the Crude Extract

If you want only Delta 8 THC, you’ll need to remove delta 9 THC by following THC remediation. You may also convert delta 9 THC into delta 8 isomer through isomerization.

Step 6: Check the Purity of the Final Product

As every step of this procedure runs the risk of creating unwanted byproducts, conduct testing every now and then. The quicker you identify them, the easier it is to eliminate them.

Final Words

If you plan on converting CBD to THC, we suggest you consult a chemist to assist you throughout the process. It is also crucial for you to spend time testing every sample thoroughly.

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