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Can CBD Go Bad
Can CBD Go Bad

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Can CBD Go Bad or What is the Shelf Life of CBD Oil Products?

“Does CBD oil have an expiration date? ” This question is likely to linger in your mind as a consumer of CBD oil-related products. It is critical to note that every product you consume has a shelf life, and so CBD oil does. You may wonder if a bottle of CBD oil drops becomes less effective after some time. It is essential first to understand what the shelf life of a product is about. It is defined as the length of time an item remains usable, saleable, or fit for consumption.

The shelf life of CBD depends on several things: its quality, how it is packaged and the way you store it after you bought CBD oil in the online store.


Higher quality products tend to last longer no matter what they might be. The higher quality a product has, the longer it’s likely to stay, and CBD oil is no different. The final product’s shelf life gets determined by the quality of the hemp the CBD was derived from and the method used to extract it. In this case, CBD oil from high-quality hemp grown in nutrient-rich soil that gets equally removed using the best extraction methods will have a much longer shelf life. Compared to CBD oil poorly extracted from industrial hemp cultivated in unacceptable conditions. In summary; Quality hemp + quality extraction = high-quality oil with a longer shelf life.


The proper packaging helps protect the CBD oil from exposure to air and sunlight. Those amber bottles that the oil gets kept in aren’t just for looks. It is vital to note that CBD oil lasts longer in dark-colored, airtight glass containers. These bottles help keep the product protected against exposure to air, heat, and light. Packaging plays an integral role in the shelf life of your CBD.


One of the toughest calls on the achievement of longer shelf life is how to store CBD oil. Having noted that exposure to air, light, and heat air all play a great role in CBD shelf life, proper storage is essential. Thus, it’s best to avoid these elements as much as possible for you to prolong the shelf life of CBD. The recommended place to store your CBD oil is in a cool, dark place, as it ensures that CBD will stay fresh for as long as possible.

How do you properly store your CBD oil?

 For you to enjoy the benefits of longer shelf life, you ought to observe several things:

     1. Store your CBD away from heat

One of the best ways to avoid your CBD oil useless is by keeping it in the refrigerator. The cooler the temperature it maintains, the fresher the CBD oil will stay. Warmer temperatures can cause slight changes to your product’s chemical composition, which in turn can worsen the quality

and cause your oil to become cloudy.

     2. Store your CBD away from light

Exposure to sunlight can significantly speed up the degradation process of CBD, thus avoid doing it. Although the bottles get designed to filter light to maintain freshness, when exposed to direct sunlight or in a well-lit place, your CBD oil is not likely to stay fresh as it should be.

     3. Keep your CBD away from air exposure

CBD capsules exposure to air plays a vital role in the breakdown of cannabinoids hence can radically reduce CBD oil’s shelf life. Always try your best to leave it in its original container.

If you observe and fully adhere to proper storage methods, your CBD oil shelf life and other CBD oil-related products are approximately 1-2 years. If you keep CBD in the dark at room temperature or frozen, your oil might last even longer.

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